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Enhance Backyard Living with an Outdoor Sauna

Enhance Backyard Living with an Outdoor Sauna featured image

Is there a better way to spend quality time at home than with family and friends in the backyard? Finnleo outdoor saunas fit right in with outdoor entertaining: always inviting and always rewarding. An outdoor sauna is the ultimate home addition.

Finnleo offers three durable, weather-friendly outdoor sauna models: Metro, Euro Patio and Summit. Inside each sauna, you will enjoy all the comfort, style and attention to detail you expect from Finnleo. Like always, other customizable options are also available. Below outlines the three outdoor sauna models:


Metro brings modern sauna comfort and luxury to your backyard. Perfect for outdoor entertaining, Metro is at its best near the patio, pool or lake; the models with a changing room make the Metro dual-purpose as a pool house and sauna. If pool or lakeside, you and your guests will be able to enjoy the ultimate experience of “sauna with a cool water plunge”. The following video is a view of family life with a pool-side Metro sauna:




For more details on the Metro, click here.


European design with a single-sloped roof, the Euro Patio is perfect underneath a deck, on a deck, or on other level patio-type surfaces. As with any Finnleo outdoor sauna, the Euro Patio, when near a pool or lake, makes it easy to enjoy the sauna-swim experience and to extend the swimming season. For more details on the Euro Patio, click here.

           Euro-Patio-Under-Deck     Euro-Patio-Interior



Finnleo Summit sauna is amazingly portable and easy to assemble. With an integral water-resistant floor, the Summit is self-contained and can be installed on any solid, flat surface. With its cathedral ceiling, exposed center beam and front wall windows, the sauna easily integrates into a backyard patio environment and/or alongside a hot tub or pool. For more details on the Summit, click here.


Contact your local Finnleo dealer to get your outdoor sauna planned and ready for summer!


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