Euro Outdoor Saunas

Simple customization for maximum impact

Contemporary European design is just the starting point for your Euro outdoor sauna; you decide the finishes and make it uniquely your own.
Euro Outdoor Sauna
4x6 Euro Outdoor Sauna

4'x6' Euro

Outdoor sauna with 2 benches, floor included.
5x6 Euro Outdoor Sauna

5'x6' Euro

Outdoor sauna with 2 benches, floor included.
Euro 5'x'7' Outdoor sauna CAD

5'x7' Euro

Outdoor sauna with 3 benches, floor included.
Euro Outdoor 6'x8' Sauna CAD

6'x8' Euro

Outdoor sauna, 3 benches, electric or wood-burning heater.
7x10 Outdoor sauna with changing room

7'x10' Euro

5'x7' outdoor sauna with attached changing room.
6x12 outdoor sauna with changing room

6'x12' Euro

6'x8' outdoor sauna with attached changing room.
Choose Your Beautiful

Customize simply, enjoy thoroughly

Start with our standard Euro designs and customize to fit your backyard and preferred sauna experience. If you have a spectacular view, make sure you can see it through a window, or two, or three. If you're too far from an electrical hook-up, choose a wood-burning heater to operate off-the-grid. Near the lake? Choose a changing room design for convenience. 

Important Installation Notes:

  • A level, patio-type surface (think concrete, pavers, etc.) is required.
  • An exterior finish, paint or stain, is mandatory to maintain the warranty.
  • 240V electrical service is required for electric heaters.
  • The 6'x8' design is the only Euro size compatible with a wood-burning heater; flooring and roofing is not available at this size and will need to be planned for.
    Additionally, we do not supply required heat shield, chimney, or cap for the wood-burning heater; however your dealer can assist with sourcing all these required components.
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Euro Outdoor Sauna_Customize Simply
Euro Outdoor Saunas_Start with Standard
Standard Euro Designs

Start with standard, then dream big

The standard Euro design is beautifully Finnish, with Nordic White Spruce interior walls and ceiling, and Western Red Cedar exterior - pre-built, pre-fitted, blind-nailed, and ready for easy installation. Also included: front-to-back slope roof line, 2-bar backrest, in-backrest LED lighting, benches, Designer-SL2 heater, and SaunaLogic2® Wi-Fi control.

Upgrades Available:

  • Interior Wood: Canadian Hemlock, Western Red Cedar
  • Backrests: multiple designs available
  • Doors: multiple designs available
  • Windows: add clear- or bronze-tinted windows, sizes 12"x30", 12"x60", 16"x30", or 16"x60"
  • Heater: Himalaya rock tower heater
  • Audio: SaunaLogic2 Bluetooth Soundbar
  • Roofing: Metal Roof Kit (only available for 4'x6', 5'x6', 5'x7' models)
Start designing with your dealer

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