Custom Outdoor Saunas

Truly unique, custom backyard sauna

Special sizing? Novel location? Peculiar configuration? Atypical parameters? Unique style preferences? No problem; a custom outdoor sauna is the way to go.
Custom Outdoor Saunas
Custom Outdoor Sauna Design Decisions
For the Biggest Dreamers

Custom design your outdoor sauna

We've been part of some truly unique, one-of-a-kind sauna designs and what we've learned is this: a special design or odd location doesn't mean you have to settle for less. We just get to be more creative. 

Bringing a custom outdoor sauna to life is a team effort; your local Finnleo dealer is a vital part of your larger project team, spearheading the sauna design and installation. We like to think of ourselves as a key component to the sauna dream team, partnered with your local dealer to support the manufacturing of your design. We get involved once your outdoor structure is well underway, and work within your framed walls (planned or actual) to bring the interior sauna room to life.

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What's Included?

Custom outdoor traditional sauna kit

A custom outdoor sauna includes the finest materials pre-cut to length for your walls and ceiling; the benches are prebuilt and the door is pre-hung — all for final installation on your framed walls. Working with your dealer, you'll provide the room interior dimensions, the door location, your preference for bench configuration and window placement, and other design details.

Your custom sauna kit will be delivered according to your specification, ready for installation, including:

  • Cut-to-length tongue-and-groove boards for your walls and ceiling, and interior trim
  • Heater, rocks, and heater guard
  • SaunaLogic2® Wi-Fi control
  • Pre-assembled benches, headrests, backrests, and duckboard
  • Pre-hung all-glass door
  • Lighting
  • Vent valves, grills, and foil vapor barrier
  • Bucket and ladle
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Custom outdoor sauna

Design decisions to start considering

Custom Outdoor Sauna Interior Design Decisions

Interior design

Choose a preset interior design package, or create your own choosing your wall/ceiling wood species, backrest design, and more.
Custom Outdoor Sauna Heater Decision

Sauna heater & control

Choose your electric or wood-burning sauna heater, and the control with the appropriate Wi-Fi capability for your needs.
Custom Outdoor Sauna Door & Window Design Decisions

Sauna doors & windows

Determine which door design, handle, and size suits you, plus decide how many windows you want, and where.
Custom Outdoor Sauna Design Decisions

Add audio

If built-in audio is an important component of your sauna ambience, consider adding a Bluetooth® soundbar into your sauna. 
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Custom Outdoor Saunas