Warranty Registration

All-in-one limited warranty

Submit the form below within sixty (60) days from the date of original installation. This is non-transferrable and extends to the original purchaser only.
Finnleo Sauna Warranty

Finnleo warrants to the original purchaser the documented warranties below when purchased from one of our authorized retailers/service centers/"sauna specialists" ("dealers") and the warranted product (a) is installed in accordance with installation instructions provided, (b) is properly and reasonably maintained, (c) has not been subjected to damage, misuse, or abuse, and (d) is for residential use only. 

Make the most of your sauna


Follow your sauna with a cold plunge

Your core temperature rises in the sauna, and then receives a “cold shock” when plunged into cold water. Why is this great?

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Tips for maintaining your sauna

By cleaning and maintaining your sauna, it will last longer and provide you with a more enjoyable experience

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Sauna and sleep

Sauna in the evening for enhanced sleep

An evening sauna session can naturally help get you into an optimal sleep mode.

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