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Discover the simple, uncomplicated pleasure Finn's have been enjoying for centuries. Finnleo is here to help. 
Genuine Finnish Sauna
Genuine Finnish Sauna

There's only one YOU

There's only one you, and your one life. We know how important it is to connect with what's genuine in you. To find well-being from the inside out. We know because we are original - the genuine Finnish sauna. And what matters genuinely for us is helping people discover wellbeing that comes naturally. 

Genuine Finnish sauna is a living practice, naturally one of well-being. It's value and practice are instilled across generations as intuitively as eating and sleeping. Our joy is in sharing this ancient wisdom and applying it in relevant ways to help more people experience sauna and make it a natural part of life.

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Why Finnleo

Quality Sauna Construction

Quality Construction

Built to last and perform exceedingly well year after year. Its a true sauna experience you can rely on day-in and day-out. 
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Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian design

Clean lines, natural wood tones, and subtle light create beautiful simplicity, enabling a pure sauna experience.
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Sustainable sourced wood

Sustainable sourced wood

Our timber is sourced from verified sustainably-managed forests, from countries known for their responsible forestry management. 
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Authentic heater engineering

Authentic heater engineering

Our saunas use genuine Finnish heaters, designed and built in Finland, to generate the soft heat and löyly required for sauna.

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What is Pure Sauna?

Within your sauna walls, a gentle persistent heat makes its way to your core. The day's stresses melt away as you let yourself relax. As you bathe, the heat works to heal, restore, cleanse, and revive you - physically, mentally, and emotionally. You emerge ready to take on whatever life brings you. This is pure sauna

We are proud to be the market leader with the most comprehensive, authentic product line available. Traditional, infrared, and hybrid InfraSauna options come in many shapes and sizes, giving you access to a sauna that perfectly suits you. So, you can enjoy pure sauna in the comfort of your home, anytime you like. 

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About_Proudly Located in Cokato
Where the Heart Is

Proudly located in Cokato, Minnesota

Finnleo was founded in September 14, 1984 in Cokato, Minnesota, where we continue to call home. Cokato's rich Scandinavian history, engaged workforce, and supportive community make this a great location for our US-based manufacturing. 

As a division of Sauna360, we also have manufacturing locations in Sweden and Finland. With direct ties to Scandinavia and the profound Finnish roots present in Cokato, we're surrounded by Nordic authenticity. It's believed that there are more saunas than cars in Finland, and we'd be willing to bet Cokato is the only US city to come close to those numbers. 

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Division of Sauna360

Rich, robust history

Finnleo is a division of Sauna360, a world leader in the sauna and steam industry, with a history dating back to 1916. The original company, Kastor, was the first Finnish sauna brand, established in Wyborg, Finland. Finnleo was established in 1984, bringing Finnish sauna to the US and quickly became North America's pure sauna specialist. For over 100 years our family of companies has been bringing innovation in heaters and sauna design to sauna enthusiasts around the world.

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Rich Robust History
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Innovation with intent

Sauna naturally fit for life

Genuine Finnish sauna is a living practice. The ancient wisdom is constantly relevant - providing the well-being we need, even as our reasons and needs keep changing. We understand that for well-being to happen, sauna must be accessible. So, we apply ancient expertise in relevant ways to fit your lifestyle today, and help you discover well-being that comes naturally. 

This purposeful innovation is important to us. Intuitive fine tuning of the sauna experience is as essential as the build quality of our products. We continue to trailblaze the sauna industry and add new dimensions in modern sauna solutions. We are proud to have introduced many firsts, including North America’s first sauna control (SaunaLogic2) with true worldwide mobile functionality, and our BioWater Technique, which is the only multilayered sauna heater experience on the market.

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Career Opportunities

Sauna interest continues to rise in North America, so we are continually growing and expanding our team. Review our open positions and see if there is a good fit for you. 

Join our hard-working, talented team to help more people discover the sauna experience and bring elevated wellness into their lives. Help us help people live better, a find a bigger purpose and satisfaction in the work you do. 

Helping people plan, design, and install saunas is more than just business; it is an opportunity for us to share the Finnish culture and heritage and to help people live happier, healthier lives.

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