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Put the personal finishing touches on your genuine sauna experience with our quality-crafted and curated sauna accessories.
Sauna accessories
All our traditional sauna rooms and kits come complete with the essential accessories - a bucket and ladle - to get you started. Browse different styles and additional products from our wide assortment of authentic Finnish sauna accessories. 
Sauna Accessories_Buckets and Ladles

Buckets & ladles

Every traditional sauna needs a bucket and ladle for the renowned löyly experience. It's one you don't want to miss.

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Sauna Accessories_Linens

Linens & textiles

Protect your saunas surfaces and add a layer of comfort with towels, seat covers, pillows and more.

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Sauna Accessories_Fragrances

Fragrances & scented washes

Elevate your experience by introducing a scent that helps promote your desired state: relaxation, energy, calm, etc.

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Sauna Accessories_Brushes and Scrubs

Brushes & scrubs

It's called sauna bathing for a reason. Find brushes and scrubs that support your sauna cleansing and self-care rituals. 

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Sauna Accessories_Thermometer

Thermometer & hygrometer

A staple in authentic Finnish saunas, thermometers and hygrometers help you monitor your sauna bath.

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Sauna Accessories_Sauna Maintenance

Sauna maintenance

Proper maintenance will keep your sauna at peak performance; here are tools to help. 

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