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From quick-assemble kits to fully custom solutions, there is an authentically Finnish indoor sauna for you.
Traditional Finnish Sauna - Indoor

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Traditional Saunas_Hallmark

Hallmark sauna series

Free-standing, portable sauna series with fixed features, available in five sizes. For sauna simplicity and convenience.
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Traditional Saunas_NorthStars

NorthStar sauna series

Made in Minnesota, NorthStar free-standing saunas offer high-quality design features on four standard sizes.
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Traditional Saunas_Designers

Designer sauna series

Deluxe, free-standing modular saunas; choose from four distinct styles with elevated aesthetics. 
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Custom indoor saunas

Luxuriously designed by you, handcrafted by Finnleo, to perfectly fit your home. Custom free-standing saunas or permanent installation options available.
Custom Modular Saunas
Custom Permanent Saunas
Research Study

Frequent sauna use reduces risk of Alzheimer's & dementia

University of Eastern Finland and Dr. Jari Laukkenan's published research showed that participants who used sauna 4-7 times per week at 175 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes reduced their risk for Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia by 65%.

From the article: Frequent Sauna Use May Reduce Risk of Dementia, Study Finds.

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Sauna 101_Dr. Rhonda Patrick Jari Laukkanen

Authentic Finnish sauna, naturally fit for life

The Finnish sauna experience is naturally one of wellbeing. The wisdom of its practice is instilled across generations as intuitively as eating and sleeping. These sauna features completely capture the essence of Finnish sauna, and we've made it accessible for your lifestyle today. 

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Electric sauna heaters

Traditional Finnish design paired with purposeful innovation brings you a superior heater line-up.

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Heaters and Controls_SaunaLogic2

SaunaLogic2 control

Built for busy lifestyles, your sauna control is available at your sauna, and on your phone.

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Wood burning heaters

Get to the heart of the pure sauna experience: the soft heat, lush hiss of steam, and relaxing crackle.

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Sauna accessories

Elevate your sauna experience with essential accessories that support an authentic sauna bath.

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Traditional Saunas_Wellness at Home
Wellness at home

Traditional indoor saunas

The benefits and uses of sauna are impressive. Whatever your goals, we believe an at-home sauna can play a role. In our 100+ years, we've seen some spectacular use cases and heard incredible stories; for example:

  • In-home wellness spa, complete with sauna, soaking tub, and steam shower
  • Garage gym adds sauna for post-workout recovery
  • Built-in tub replaced by sauna as a more preferred heat bathing option
  • Converted closet turned sauna for warming up after skiing and cold-climate chores (hello snow-blowing!)
  • Cabin saunas offer added lake enjoyment for sauna-swim cycles
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