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The SL2 control is feature-rich giving sauna users flexibility to control their sauna easily, from anywhere. The glass touch screen provides a modern and easy to use interface to control time, temperature, RGBW lighting, and can even work with our Bluetooth sound system.

Within the app, you can adjust temperature, choose the light color (built-in RGBW light control with dimmer), turn Bluetooth on/off (for use with optional SL2 soundbar), set a delay time (up to 24 hours), use the 60-minute timer, create daily/weekly/monthly schedules, and more. The SaunaLogic2 mobile app is available for the iPhone and Android smartphones, iPads/tablets, and works with Google Home, Alexa and Siri. The Administrator of the app can create a “Family” and add as many users as they wish.

Wi-Fi Options: with or without
Timer Options: 24-hour time delay or 60-minute timer

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Technical specifications

3-3/8” W x 1/4” D x 5-1/2” H