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Traditional Outdoor Saunas

Create the ideal backyard oasis with the addition of an outdoor sauna. Trust us, it'll elevate both the sauna experience and your quality time outdoors.
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NorthStar outdoor saunas

The simple panel construction and European-inspired design of our NorthStar outdoor saunas makes it easy to add a beautiful outdoor sauna to any space. 

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Euro Outdoor Saunas

Euro outdoor saunas

Customize features in a Euro outdoor sauna to maximize its beauty and functionality in your outdoor living space: wood species, window placement, interior design, and more.

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Custom outdoor saunas

Never settle on your sauna dreams; within the framed walls of your backyard structure, we can bring your uniquely designed outdoor sauna to life. 

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Quality Time Outside

Rediscover & Reconnect with Nature

An outdoor sauna is a great option for anyone looking to increase or elevate their time spent outdoors. No matter how big or small your backyard is - or how you choose to enjoy it - an outdoor sauna is a great investment. 

Saunas are so versatile in their value; everyone, from any walk of life, can appreciate and enjoy the benefits they offer. For instance:

  • Healthy Living
  • Social Gatherings
  • Family Fun
  • Wellness Retreat

Plus, they pair well with other outdoor features: pool, hot tub, fire pit, basketball court, and the list goes on. An outdoor sauna will only add to the pleasure you already get from them.

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