How to Create Your Own Backyard Oasis with an Outdoor Sauna

outdoor sauna supports your backyard oasis

A backyard and an oasis can mean so many different things depending on where you live and how you like to spend your down time. What transcends all the differences is this: an outdoor sauna. No matter how big or small your backyard is or how you choose to enjoy it, an outdoor sauna should be a staple in every backyard oasis. Yes, we’re biased. However, saunas are so versatile in their value that we believe everyone, from any walk of life, can appreciate and enjoy the benefits they offer. Here are just a few backyard oasis examples to give you some ideas:

Healthy Living / Active Resort

Fill your backyard with spaces that keep you moving, grooving, and active. For some that may mean a vegetable garden and a workout shed. For others that may mean a pool, pickleball court, and jungle gym for the kids. A sauna fits in well, providing a therapeutic and restorative heat bath that can be used post-workout, mid-swim, on rest days, on days where pain and soreness are high, or whenever you need a moment to take a break from activity to reenergize.

Hostess Haven / Social Destination

Backyard Oasis-Hostess HavenIf your backyard is the oasis where friends gather, families celebrate, neighbors stop by, and more, then you’ll want lots of seating options, activities to entertain, and maybe even a food preparation area to keep everyone in the same social areas. Comfortably host, socialize, entertain, and enjoy your company by setting up the appropriate spaces for both large group fellowship as well as intimate conversations. Saunas more notably support the latter, fostering tech-free connections to deepen relationships through meaningful conversations. Additionally, they can provide new entertainment in the outdoors. A sauna near a pool, lake, or even an outdoor shower powers a continuous cycle of deep heat followed by a cool plunge in the water. It’s guaranteed to create memorable moments and lots of laughter.

Family Fun / Central Gathering Spot

Backyard Oasis - Family FunAfter the busyness of daily routines subside, gather in a space everyone enjoys. A backyard is a fantastic destination that allows for relaxation, fun, connection, and appreciation of one another amid the fresh air and the beauty of nature.  Make sure there are spaces and entertainment for everyone, which should evolve as your family grows and changes; from swing sets and jungle gyms, to pools and basketball hoops, to rocking chairs and fire pits. And don’t forget the sauna, which fortunately supports all phases of family life. Gather here a few times a week to let the heat work its magic on both the physiological and psychological wellbeing of your family, while also creating a habit and space for open, honest, and safe conversation.

Quiet Retreat / Wellness Escape

Backyard Oasis - Quiet RetreatFor a more relaxing, peaceful oasis focused on quietness, calming energy, and meditation, intertwine your physical assets and structures as closely to nature as possible. Gardens, water features, solo or small group seating areas, unobstructed views, and (of course) saunas can all help create this ambience in your background. The deep heat of a sauna can be powerfully introspective, relaxing, and healing when enjoyed alone; but togetherness can be equally impressive in a sauna as you work together to restore and recover from the day, an experience, a challenge, or other.

Any or All of the Above

And perhaps best of all is a combination of some or all the above oases. Finding the balance between fun, social entertainment and calm, intimate activities is key to creating a backyard oasis you’ll use and enjoy. And an outdoor sauna contributes to both – so you really can’t go wrong by incorporating one into your backyard!

Outdoor Sauna Options

When the time comes to choose which sauna fits your backyard oasis, the size of your yard matters. But the good news is, options exist for any size yard. You can choose a pre-designed model that has a fixed size and arrives to you as a kit to assemble. Or you can choose to design and customize your own outdoor sauna to uniquely fit your backyard oasis. This is a great solution if you have a specific size, unique space, or novel design aesthetic for your sauna.

Finnleo Outdoor Sauna Options include:

NorthStar Outdoor Series Euro Outdoor Series Custom Outdoor Structures
Outdoor Saunas_NorthStar Outdoor Saunas_Euro Outdoor Saunas_Custom
3 fixed sizes with pre-defined designs. Fixed sizes with custom design options and upgrades. Custom size and design based on your preferences, to fit within your backyard structure.

Here are some installation ideas to integrate your outdoor sauna into your backyard oasis:


Complete Your Backyard Oasis

While we confidently believe a sauna is a key ingredient in every backyard, we also believe it pairs extremely well with additional outdoor features. Your oasis goals will dictate what makes sense for you; but here are some of the favorites we’ve seen:

  • Outdoor Shower
  • Cold Plunge – tub, pool, or lake
  • Hot Tub
  • Lounge Area
  • Yard Games; i.e., pickleball, bean bags / cornhole, bocce ball, basketball
  • Outdoor Workout Space
  • Outdoor Movie Theater
  • Outdoor Dining & Cooking
  • Fire Pit
For more examples and ideas, check this out:

Pinterest_Outdoor Sauna Inspiration

An outdoor sauna is the perfect addition to backyard living and can transform your family life, social life, and overall personal wellness. It will become a place to make year-round memories with your loved ones.

As a bonus, outdoor saunas require minimal maintenance, which leaves you more time to enjoy your backyard oasis. So, whether you’re having fun with friends, spending time with your kids, practicing personal wellness, or otherwise, consider adding an outdoor sauna for maximum backyard enjoyment.

Sauna project/photos throughout this blog:

  • Dealer: Joco International (Fishkill, NY)
  • Sauna type: Custom Euro Sauna (sauna & attached changing room)