Operate your sauna from anywhere with the SaunaLogic2 Control

We heard repeatedly from sauna enthusiasts the wish to control one’s sauna from anywhere with an app. We are proud to say we have released North America’s first sauna control with global mobile functionality. For the first time ever, a sauna user can turn on and operate his/her sauna from anywhere in the world where cell service or Wi-Fi is available. Sleek design, about the size of an iPhone 7, the control is feature-rich giving sauna users flexibility to control their sauna easily, from anywhere.

The SaunaLogic2 Control is easy to use and is a terrific value. The SaunaLogic2 mobile app is available for the iPhone and Android smartphones, iPads/tablets, and works with Google Home, Alexa and Siri. The Administrator of the app can create a “Family” and add as many users as they wish.

The fully customizable mobile app-operated control has powerful capabilities and goes well beyond simple on/off functionality. The app allows users to control all functions and programming of their sauna from wherever they are. Within the app, the user can adjust temperature, change sauna mode (Infrared to Traditional), choose the light color (built-in RGBW light control with dimmer), turn Bluetooth on/off (for use with optional SL2 Audio Kit), set a delay time (up to 24 hours), use the 60-minute timer, create daily/weekly/monthly schedules, and more.

The SaunaLogic2 is currently available on the following standard equipment: Finnleo’s Plug-n-Play Hallmark Series, the new combination InfraSauna 565, all custom Infrared and custom-cut sauna rooms. The SaunaLogic2 is also available as an option on custom infrared and custom traditional saunas with Designer heaters. For those who just want to purchase the heater and control for their current sauna, that is an option as well.

Get your revolutionary control today! You will enjoy the ease and flexibility of operating your sauna from literally anywhere – the gym, grocery store, couch, you name it. The long-awaited dream of arriving home to a pre-heated sauna, ready to use, is now a reality.

To learn more about the Designer-SL2 specifications, and app download with instructions, click here.

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