Introducing Black Taika Sauna Paneling: Modern, Nordic Sauna Design

Black is rich in color and is timeless, traditional, and elegant in design. It was common for sauna interiors to be black over a century ago. Although, they were not purposely designed that way. Saunas back then were known as Savu (smoke) saunas. The interior would naturally turn to black from the heavy use of chimney-less fires inside the room heating massive amounts of rocks. Fast forward 100 years, and sauna innovation and technology can provide the look and feel of an ancient Savu sauna but in the form of luxurious clean designed saunas with wood burning or electric heaters. With the Taika black walls, contrasted with the fresh natural look of Canadian Hemlock, Nordic Minimalist Design meets tradition.

Black Taika Sauna Paneling

We wanted to bring that ancient traditional black sauna design into today’s saunas with a new modern look. We are excited to introduce our new sauna interior for custom-cut saunas: Taika sauna paneling.

The black Taika sauna interior panels for walls and ceilings create a stylish and modern look for the sauna room. They are made of certified Birch plywood developed for high performance in extreme sauna conditions. The panels are tongued and grooved on both sides. Typically combined with benches and backrests of light-colored clear, vertical grain Canadian Hemlock, a Taika-paneled sauna has a contemporary twist on ancient sauna design details.


The Centurion: freestanding Sauna with Taika interior

We also have a luxurious freestanding sauna in our Designer Series, the Centurion, that incorporates the black Taika. The Centurion sauna was introduced as a commemorative model to celebrate the 100th anniversary of our parent company, TyloHelo World Group.

The Centurion combines rich and historic Finnish sauna design elements with new heater and control technology. Finnleo’s exclusive black Taika sauna paneling on the walls, combined with nicely contrasting light colored clear vertical grain Canadian Hemlock benches and backrests and integral backrest lighting, the sauna provides a highly relaxing environment. A wall-to-wall middle platform bench wraps around a Himalaya rock-tower heater and is matched with Finnleo’s new Elite touchscreen control.

The Taika brings back the nostalgic sauna interiors of old from the Savu sauna era of a century ago. Simply put, it is the best of old-and-new design.


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