New to the Infrared Sauna Industry: InfraLogic2 Control with Mobile App

Innovation is an important part of the Finnleo offering. Intuitive fine tuning of the sauna experience is as essential as the quality of our products. We continue to trailblaze the sauna industry and add new dimensions in modern sauna solutions. We are proud to introduce North America’s first infrared sauna control with true worldwide mobile functionality: the InfraLogic2 touchscreen control for S-Series Infrared Saunas.

With the IL2, you can operate your sauna from anywhere there is cell or data service. With the included app, your smartphone becomes a second control. You can control every aspect of your infrared sauna experience from your mobile app.

In addition to the mobile app, the IL2 control has modern design and is simple to use. Its sleek design and glass touch screen provides you a flexible option for installation. Its intuitive display provides time (60-minute timer), temperature, lighting and system status.


The entire infrared sauna experience can be controlled to provide you with the ultimate heat bathing experience based on your personal preferences. The control offers separate on/off functionality for the floor heat, bench skirt heat and in-bench heat. The control also includes built-in RGBW LED light control with dimmer, so you can decide which lights to turn on (valance and/or bench skirt lighting), and the color preference including white lights or color light therapy. If you prefer music during your infrared sauna session, the built-in Bluetooth can control the audio system.

The IL2 makes healthy living even easier—with the click of a button on your phone, your infrared sauna will soon be awaiting your presence for the ultimate spa day!

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