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From health benefits to sauna construction, begin uncovering all sauna can offer and how easy it is to add one to your home.


Health & Wellness

A sauna offers a wide variety of health and wellness benefits - from disease prevention, to health maintenance, workout recovery, relaxation, and more. 
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Sauna Construction

While many of our pre-designed saunas are easily constructed, custom saunas are a great option to consider if you're looking for a unique design, size, or locale.

Sauna Maintenance

Very minimal maintenance keeps saunas looking and working great for years - making sauna ownership easy so you can focus on the enjoyment.
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Project Gallery

Because we have so many sauna options to choose from, the design and installation possibilities are nearly limitless. Browse our home sauna gallery and start to dream!
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Conrad Anker

How sauna keeps American rock climber on top of the world

Conrad Anker, team leader of The North Face Climbing Team, has climbed the greatest mountains around the world. In this video with Finnleo dealer Moutain Hot Tub, Conrad shares how sauna helps him train & maintain his health, both physically & mentally, to help him achieve his goals.

Notable insights:

  • “Humidity accentuates temperature, encouraging your blood to move through the body.”
  • Sauna is "a great compliment to intense physical activity.”
  • "There's more to it than physical relaxation; it's a way to process the day."
  • Conrad's Sauna Routine: 15 min dry, add Birch fragrance into water and throw on the rocks for 15 minutes wet. Then, use tools for take care of his body.
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Dr. Rhonda Patrick & Dr. Jari Laukkanen

Sauna research on cardiovascular health and mortality rates

Review of Dr. Jari Laukkanen's research study published in the Journal of American Medical Association; monitored middle-age Finnish men for 20 years to study the impact of sauna on health, disease, and longevity.

Study highlights:

  • Sauna 4-7x/week at 174° F for an average of at least 20 minutes per session associated with a 40% reduction in all-cause mortality (compared to men that sauna 1x/week)
  • Long term sauna use can lower blood pressure
  • Moderate to high frequency sauna bathing is associated with lowered risk of memory diseases 
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Why buy a sauna?

There's only one you, and your rare life. Make the most of it by feeling good and taking care of your well-being, with sauna. Having one at home makes it more accessible and convenient.

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Best temperature for sauna?

Whichever temperature where you'll use and enjoy your sauna! Many people enjoy their traditional saunas between 150-175° Fahrenheit and their infrared saunas between 120-130° Fahrenheit.

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How do I buy a sauna?

We sell through an exclusive dealer network, and your local dealer can help you through your buying journey - ask questions, try their saunas, design your own, installation, and more. 

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Traditional or infrared - which is better?

Whichever sauna you'll use is the best option for you. Please make sure to try both before you buy as they offer very different experiences - heat intensity, energy consumption, and much more.

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Best advice for sauna shoppers?

First and foremost - try before you buy. Your happiness depends on how well your at-home sauna experience matches your expectations, so don't leave that up to chance!

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How much does a sauna cost monthly?

It depends, but we can look at a few examples to give you an idea. A 6 kW sauna heater used 3x/week runs between $4-6/month. A 2.1 kW heater at the same frequency will be about $2/month.

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