Custom, Free-standing Indoor Sauna

No walls, no problem.

Custom design a free-standing traditional sauna with your exact space requirements, preferred finishes, and overall appeal.
Custom Freestanding Indoor_Sisu saunas
Custom free-standing indoor saunas

Sisu saunas: stand free

Our custom panel-built saunas, called Sisu, are a great solution when you're looking for a uniquely designed stand-alone sauna to set into your existing indoor space; maybe your gym, wellness center, spa, basement, spare room, or other. 

Personalize with design options that complement and enhance your sauna's final destination. Wood selection, door design, window placement, electric heater, and more are design decisions you get to make. 

This process begins with our local dealers, who guide you through the design, measurements, delivery, and installation. We manufacture the panels perfectly to your specifications, and deliver pre-built panels and components, ready for final assembly. 

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SISU Sauna Kits

What's included

Every Sisu sauna design starts from a standard package, which you can build from to craft your preferred sauna experience. The final delivery will include the following, for easy assembly: 

  • Pre-built, pre-fitted wall and ceiling panels, all completely blind nailed, 
  • Pre-built benches, backrests, headrests, and duckboards
  • Pre-hung all-glass door, hinged left or right, pre-installed in its own panel
  • Pre-installed windows and/or glass front 
  • Genuine Finnleo heater, rocks, and heater guard
  • SaunaLogic2® control with mobile app
  • Pre-installed LED lighting
  • Bucket, ladle, and necessary hardware
Get started
Custom Freestanding Indoor_Sisu sauna kits

Designing and building your sauna

Preview some of the major design decisions involved in your custom sauna journey: 
Exterior wood  |  Interior wall and bench wood  |  Backrest design  |  Heater  |  Door designs  |  Other  |  Sample Layouts

Exterior wood selection


Nordic White Spruce




Western Red Cedar


Interior wall & bench wood selection

Nordic White Spruce Walls and Abachi Benches

Nordic White Spruce walls / Abachi benches

Hemlock with Abachi

Hemlock walls / Hemlock benches

Western Red Cedar walls and benches

Western Red Cedar walls / Western Red Cedar benches



Backrest design

Site-Image-Custom Saunas-Backrest_2-Bar Standard_1500x1000

2-bar backrest

Wood Species: Abachi
Site-Image-Custom Saunas-Backrest_2-Bar Standard_1500x1000

2-bar backrest

Wood Species: Hemlock or Cedar
Site-Image-Custom Saunas-Backrest_2-Bar Wide_1500x1000

2-bar wide backrest

Wood Species: Hemlock
Site-Image-Custom Saunas-Backrest_3-Bar_1500x1000

3-bar backrest

Wood Species: Hemlock, Cedar, or Abachi
Site-Image-Custom Saunas-Backrest_3-Bar Wide_1500x1000

3-bar wide backrest

Wood Species: Hemlock
Site-Image-Custom Saunas-Backrest_3-Bar Wide Heat Treated_1500x1000

3-bar wide backrest, heat-treated

Wood Species: Hemlock (center board heat-treated)
Site-Image-Custom Saunas-Backrest_6-Bar Curved_1500x1000

6-bar curved backrest

Wood Species: Hemlock, Cedar, or Abachi
Site-Image-Custom Saunas-Backrest_5-Bar Heat Treated_1500x1000

6-bar curved backrest, heat-treated

Wood Species: Hemlock, Cedar, or Abachi (top and bottom boards heat-treated)


Heater selection

Designer-SL2 sauna heater

Designer sauna heater

View Designer
Himalaya heater

Himalaya sauna heater

View Himalaya


Door designs

Site-Image-Custom Saunas-Doors_All-Glass_1500x1000


Standard: Pre-hung 24" x 72" w/Bronze-Tint
Upgrades Available: clear- and satin-tint; other sizes available.
Site-Image-Custom Saunas-Doors_Etched_1500x1000

All-glass, etched

Etched birch leaf design, hinge-right only. 24" x 72" only.
Site-Image-Custom Saunas-Doors_Douglas Fir_1500x1000

Douglas Fir

With insulated glass window; multiple sizes available.
Site-Image-Traditional Saunas_Hallmark_1500x1000

Glass front

Choose a full or 2/3 clear glass front for your Sisu sauna; room size requirements apply.


Other design considerations

bench skirt - horizontal direction-1

Bench skirts

Add a skirt to the upper bench for added elegance, plus it serves as a back rest for lower bench bathers.
Sauna window details

Window details

You'll get to select quantity, placement, and glass tint for your sauna windows. Maximize your views with well-placed windows.
Site-Image-Custom Saunas-Other Design_Door Handles_1500x1000

Door handle

Standard: Wood handle
Upgrade: white oak hand with stainless steel standoffs (only available with all-glass door designs).
sauna audio

Audio add-on

Add high quality sound into your sauna with a Bluetooth® soundbar. Pair your phone and listen to your favorite entertainment.
In-backrest lighting


Standard: In-backrest lighting
In traditional custom Sisu saunas, in-backrest LED lighting is standard. This soft light illuminates the room beautifully, and subtly, and provides color options for chromotherapy. Puck lights are an alternative substitution.
SaunaLogic2 Control

SaunaLogic2 control

Every custom sauna comes equipped with a SaunaLogic2 control for managing your pure sauna experience. Control temperature, timing, lighting and more from your wall-mounted control, or your mobile device. Additional options available for commercial installations. 


Custom sauna sample sizes and configurations

Here are some common configurations to help show what is possible within the space you have available. Dimensions below are approximate interior dimensions of sample sauna layouts. General recommendations: allow 2' of bench per person. The smallest size configuration we can support is 4'x5'; largest is 7'x8'. Minimum ceiling height: 78", maximum ceiling height: 96"













Freestanding Indoor Sauna
What's Included?

Custom free-standing indoor sauna, in your home

After design is finalized, we custom build your SISU sauna to your exact specifications, pre-building as many components as possible, including walls, ceiling, benches, backrests, headrests, and duckboard. We also manufacture your selected heater, install lighting, pre-cut trim, and more - delivering to your dealer a complete sauna kit ready for installation. Here is what is included:

  • Pre-built sauna walls and ceiling, in the wood species of your choice - complete with foil vapor barrier, vents, grills, windows, and hardware
  • All interior trim: corner, cove and interior door casing
  • Pre-built benches, backrests, benchskirts, headrests, and/or duckboard 
  • Genuine Finnleo heater, with rocks and heater guard
  • SaunaLogic2® control
  • Pre-hung door 
  • LED RGBW lighting
  • Sauna bucket and ladle

Start designing your custom free-standing sauna today

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