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SISU Custom Free Standing Saunas

Luxuriously designed by you, handcrafted by Finnleo, to perfectly fit your home. SISU custom free-standing saunas are a great solution when you're looking for a uniquely designed stand-alone sauna to set into your existing indoor space: a gym, wellness center, spa, basement, spare room, or other.

Here is what is included:
- Pre-built sauna walls and ceiling, in the wood species of your choice - complete with foil vapor barrier, vents, grills, windows, and hardware
- All interior trim: corner, cove and interior door casing
- Pre-built benches, backrests, bench skirts, headrests, and/or duckboard
- Genuine Finnleo heater, with rocks and heater guard
- SaunaLogic2® control
- Pre-hung door
- LED RGBW lighting
- Sauna bucket and ladle

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Technical specifications

Sauna Size
Size Range: minimum 4'x5' - maximum 7'x8'