Hallmark Traditional Saunas

Portable traditional saunas

Choose from five sizes to find the perfect free-standing traditional sauna for your at-home wellness.
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Standard Sizes

Hallmark 44

Hallmark 44

4'x4' Sauna

Seating capacity: 2
48" W x 48" D x 80" H

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Hallmark 46

Hallmark 46

4'x6' Sauna
Seating capacity: 3
73-3/8" W x 49-1/4" D x 80" H
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Hallmark 57

Hallmark 57

5'x7' Sauna
Seating capacity: 5
85-3/8" W x 61-3/8" D x 76-1/2" H
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Corner Units

Hallmark 55C

Hallmark 55c

5'x5' Corner Unit
Seating capacity: 3
60-5/8" W x 60-5/8" D x 80" H
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Hallmark 66C

Hallmark 66c

6'x6' Corner Unit
Seating capacity: 4
72-9/16" W x 72-9/16" D x 80" H
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Want a little more pizazz in your sauna design?

Check out the Designer sauna series for four contemporary design options, featuring more glass and mixed wood species.
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Hallmark Traditional Saunas

The easiest way to bring traditional sauna home

Easy to assemble, yet loaded with everything you want in a sauna, the Hallmark series puts the opportunity for a daily chance to relax and recharge within reach of everyone. Key features include:

  • Top quality clear Canadian Hemlock inside and out. Exterior is protected with a biodegradable finish for a luxurious look and ease in maintenance.
  • Integral backrest low voltage lighting system with color therapy and integrated Bluetooth sound system complete the aura of luxury.
  • Easily assembled in less than an hour.
  • Built-in floor with vinyl surface, which makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze.
  • Powered by a Finnleo sauna heater SaunaLogic2 control and mobile app. 
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Hallmark traditional sauna at home
Hallmark 57 Portable Sauna
Hallmark Sauna Specifications

What to expect

Every Hallmark traditional sauna features the following:

  • Pre-built Hemlock walls, ceiling, and floor, with a biodegradable finished exterior
  • Pre-built benches & backrests
  • RGBW (color) LED lighting
  • Bluetooth sound system
  • Simple hook & pin panel design
  • Sauna heater
  • Wood-framed stainless steel drip pan for under the heater
  • SaunaLogic2 control with mobile app
  • Door handle that doubles as a towel bar and tech holder
  • Bucket & ladle
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