A Small Backyard with Big Benefits - Thanks to an Outdoor Sauna

Small Backyard and Outdoor Sauna

A small backyard doesn’t need to miss out on sauna luxury. Courtney Moss of Washington knew of the health benefits and enjoyment of heat bathing and wanted to bring the sauna experience to her backyard. The solution was the 4’x6’ NorthStar sauna. The small sauna fits perfectly alongside the house amongst a privacy hedge and offers a year-round wellness retreat. Below Courtney shares more in detail why she enjoys her backyard sauna:

moss 1"I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my outdoor Finnleo sauna. This is my 2nd Finnleo sauna. I previously owned an indoor traditional sauna for 4 years that I had to leave when I sold my home. Then 6 months ago, I purchased the outdoor traditional NorthStar sauna and love it just the same. This outdoor sauna heats up within 30 mins to over 180 degrees. It’s the perfect addition to my little backyard. I have been thoroughly happy with Finnleo as a customer for over 5 years now. I will never not have one of your saunas, thank you Finnleo. The high quality of your product and process in purchasing/getting it delivered and setup was simple. The app function is a great feature to start heating it up from your phone, the multiple different lights, good size windows and the way it feels inside this small unit with 2 people inside is impressive. Not to mention when you feel a little congested, adding some eucalyptus to some water and pouring over the rocks is an instant amazing relief!"


  1. Did you work with a Finnleo dealer? Yes, Aqua Quip (Woodinville, WA).
  2. What motivated you to get an outdoor sauna at your home? Owning an indoor sauna previously, the health benefits and post workout recovery.
  3. What do you like the most about your sauna? I like the SaunaLogic app, how quickly the sauna heats up and being able to pour water mixed with essential oils over the sauna heater rocks.
  4. How do you use your sauna? Do you have a sauna routine? I enjoy the sauna for relaxation and post workout recovery. I sauna 4-5 times per week at 180 degrees for 15–18 minute sessions.
  5. What are the primary benefits you get from your outdoor sauna? The benefits I notice are the sauna sessions rejuvenates skin, releases toxins, calms anxiety and helps with colds.
  6. What were your thoughts about the sauna design and materials? I love the modern look and metal roof and the sauna is easy to clean. I love it!
  7. What do you like about the SaunaLogic2 Control and Mobile App? The app function is a great feature to start heating it up from your phone. It works well!
  8. Would you recommend Finnleo? Absolutely, I do many times!
  9. What would you tell someone who is considering a Finnleo outdoor sauna? The benefits outweigh the price; you can’t afford to not have one! Sauna is so good for your health!


Sauna Details:

Sauna Type: NorthStar Outdoor Sauna, 4’x6’

Sauna Control: SaunaLogic2 with mobile app

Sauna Wood: Nordic White Spruce (NWS) interior and exterior
Exterior surface stained by homeowner: Sherwin Williams Woodscapes "Black Alder" color