Finnleo Sauna Bringing Wellness Home on HGTV BroVsBro

Finnleo’s Euro Patio outdoor sauna was featured on HGTV’s Brother Vs. Brother, Season 7, Episode 6 in Los Angeles, California. Drew had a vision to renovate his house and make it all about health and wellness. What better way to make the perfect outdoor wellness area than adding an outdoor sauna for the homeowners to enjoy! Drew commented:

“My house is all about health and wellness, and my buyer is going to want to stay healthy inside and out. I'm using every inch of the backyard to my advantage by putting together a secluded outdoor wellness area, complete with this amazing sauna.”



When we were notified Finnleo was the sauna-of-choice for BroVsBro, we were excited about the opportunity and started the pre-show prep, including sauna design, sizing, heater choice and wood preference. Then the order was given to our Cokato, Minnesota manufacturing team to build the Euro Patio outdoor sauna according to Drew’s vision.

We were all anxiously waiting for October 14th to see our sauna featured in Episode 6, The Great Outdoor Finale, and to hear the winner of Drew and Jonathon’s Los Angeles competition.

Lights, Camera, Action!

With the small space between the house and the privacy fence, Matt Bergstrom, Commercial Sales Manager of Finnleo, and Mark Raisanen, Sales Director of Finnleo, started assembling the sauna while maximizing the space available. The camera crews shot multiple angles and details, and had multiple conversations and interactions filmed of Matt and Drew. The finished Euro Patio sauna fit nicely with the backyard's California vibe. Having the ability to place the sauna close to the in-home spa area makes showering convenient for the homeowners following their sauna bathing sessions.

One interesting twist that made for a longer sauna install when on “TV set”, was Matt had to often pause in construction (no pounding or drilling) to allow filming of other parts of the home. Since these modular sauna kits are easy to install, the TV production crew was amazed at how quickly and easily the kit went together after all.

Matt and Drew-Nov-28-2023-02-50-15-5456-PM

Show Time!

Episode 6 began with an overview of Jonathon’s (the competing twin brother) outdoor renovation project. Then Drew’s backyard was revealed, and we watched him turn the rundown backyard into a beautiful secluded outdoor wellness area. “I’ll transform this into a backyard for the buyer that wants a home and a lifestyle. And I’ll beat Jonathan,” Drew commented.

With the backyard large in size, Drew figured the buyer was going to want to spend a lot of time out back. “I want to create an oasis feel. I want to continue the wellness and fun feel from inside the house to outside. I also want to have curb appeal,” Drew stated as he explained his outdoor vision.


With an exterior budget of $397,000, Drew restored key exterior features of the house, re-landscaped the yard, added a formal outdoor dining area, included an indoor/outdoor bar and an outdoor kitchen with an additional dining area. To complete the backyard escape-from-the-city, Drew added a Finnleo Euro Patio outdoor sauna. “These are the value-adds that buyers here are looking for: a home that reflects a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. The fact that I have extras like the sauna; that is what is going to put this over the top,” stated Drew.

Not surprisingly, Drew’s house received many house offers and sold quickly. In the closing scene of The Great Outdoor Finale, Drew and Jonathon’s brother JD Scott appears to announce the competition winner. The twin brothers get blind folded and JD walks them in front of the winning house. In great anticipation, the blindfolds are removed, and Drew is all smiles as he sees his house has won the Brother Vs Brother competition!

In conclusion, we are proud of our Finnleo sauna which seemed to be one of the favorite features among the production crew. We are delighted to add wellness to the new owner’s home life in their own backyard retreat!



  • Photo Credits: The Property Brothers
  • Season 7, Episode 6 Recap by the Scott Brothers:
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