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Indoor Sauna Rooms

Finnleo indoor sauna rooms enhance any space. Master bathrooms become European spas, and home gyms come full-circle with pre-workout warm-ups and post-workout recovery.

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Regardless of the space available, Finnleo has a solution.

From quick to assemble Hallmark saunas to highly customized Custom-Cut saunas, Finnleo will recommend and design the right solution for your sauna needs & space.

Permanently Installed Custom Saunas


The beauty of a Custom-Cut solution is you get to have your sauna, your way—and still benefit from Finnleo materials, expertise, and quality engineering.

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Interior Solutions for Custom-Cut Saunas

We know your sauna is a personal retreat, and that the pure sauna experience is shaped, in large part, by the comfort and decor details you choose. That's why Finnleo has a wide range of high quality options that let you design the perfect sauna for you.


Solace Interior

The Solace Interior is known for platform style lower bench under opposite upper bench design. Upper benches on each side of the heater allows for easier socializing and allows for two adults to fully lie down on upper benches with independent space.


Serenity Interior

The Finnleo Serenity encompasses several features, including a 3-tier benching system for maximum heat enjoyment and easy step-up. Includes ergonomically designed backrest, concave bench tops & integral footrests.


Centurion Interior

The Centurion incorporates special design to blend the best of old, traditional features with a modern design twist. The Nordic design includes Finnleo's exclusive black Taika sauna wall paneling in contrast to wide-board clear Canadian Hemlock benches and backrests.


Sunburst Interior

Contemporary European design and elegance are the hallmarks of the Finnleo Sunburst sauna interior. A dramatic "sunburst" corner with wedge-shaped Abachi boards fan out from the bench front to the back corner.

Free-Standing Custom Saunas


The Designer Series is a range of high quality sauna room styles modeled along the clean, simple yet elegant lines found in the best examples of Scandinavian design. Even better, they are available as prefabricated panel kits, making them available for use after just a few hours of assembly.

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Plug-N-Play Saunas


The Hallmark Series offers high-end design features on standard sizes & designs which makes the series an exceptional value.

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Unique space or desire a custom look?

Finnleo Custom-Cut saunas are designed to fit the space you have designated for a sauna. Whether the space is under a stairwell, an existing walk-in closet, or a wide-open basement, the Finnleo design team will design a beautiful and outstanding sauna experience.

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Want to add a sauna but the space is finished?

Finnleo Panel-Built saunas are the perfect solution. With solutions ranging from our standard sized Hallmark Series to our highly customized Designer Series, Finnleo panel-built rooms feature great craftsmanship that can be installed without special carpentry skills.

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Custom Design

We are ready to help with free design service, including 3D CAD renderings.

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World Class Support

Our knowledgeable staff is available to answer questions and help plan your sauna.

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