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Home Gym with Sauna by KH Interiors

Home Gym with Sauna by KH Interiors featured image

Kristin Hildebrand, Founder and Creative Director of KH Interiors, transformed their family home by blending modern and traditional elements with timeless design. To adapt to their healthy lifestyle, the lower level includes a wellness room with a Finnleo sauna and workout equipment.


"Our Finnleo sauna is the best part about our gym and our home! It is such a beautiful and sacred space where we can go to regenerate after a long day. We are so happy with the investment that we made, and highly recommend anyone considering one to make the investment, too. You won't regret it," states Kristin Hildebrand. 


The Nordic White Spruce exterior of the sauna adds a beautiful natural component to the fitness room. To make the panel-built sauna look built-in, a soffit was added above the sauna.


With windows around the perimeter of the room, the partial glass front allows the bathers inside the sauna to enjoy the natural light and view outside.

The combination of the home gym and sauna is the ultimate set-up. The sauna serves many purposes for the family, including workout recovery, relaxation and quality family time.

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