Custom Sauna Room Design Tops Off Luxury Home Spa

Custom sauna room design

With wellness and relaxation as a top priority in their new house design, a west-Denver couple set out to create a luxury home spa inspired by some of their favorite European travel discoveries. The result is a beautiful wellness suite, complete with a large custom sauna room, soaking tub, steam shower, and sitting area. Nestled neatly in Colorado's terrain, the floor to ceiling windows allow the homeowners to enjoy panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains from anywhere within their home spa, including the sauna which uniquely features an all-glass front.


“When we were designing our new house, we knew that we wanted to have a wellness room with a sauna. While traveling in Europe, we learned about the Finnleo sauna and became interested," said the homeowner.

Custom Sauna Room Design | How It Works

You can get a custom sauna for your home in many ways. It’s dependent on what level of ‘custom’ you need or want.

On the low end of this customization scale, we have existing sauna designs and layouts where you can choose the type of backrest, lighting, heater, and so on. These free-standing saunas have a set footprint that can’t change, but many of the design features are customizable.

Moving up the scale are permanently installed saunas which are designed and built to fit an exact space in your home. In this instance you’d choose all the details, from wood type, bench configuration, door style, and much more. We cut all materials to size and then ship you everything needed to build the sauna in your home.


The most intricate custom sauna room designs are typically built in partnership with a contractor, architect, or other craftsman, especially when the uniqueness of the room design extends beyond our manufacturing capabilities. In this Colorado project for instance, the all-glass front and side wall were sourced and installed by their master carpenter, and we simply provided recommendations (i.e. use insulated glass to best contain the heat). This type of custom sauna room design is unique, and often requires a team effort to produce a beautiful and functional design, source the needed materials, and construct it in your home.

This Colorado homeowner noted, "When the sauna was installed, and when we used it for the first time, we knew right away that this is exactly what we wanted, from the wood quality, color, and size. The sauna functioned perfectly and the sound system was a great addition to it."

Sauna: A Staple in Every Luxury Home Spa

Every luxury home spa deserves a sauna. Now more than ever before, especially in the United States, sauna is being recognized and recommended for wellness (and beyond). We are past the days when saunas were only accessible in fancy hotels and gyms, in large part because we are prioritizing health and wellness and understand that sauna can play an important role in these routines.

When thinking ‘spa’ the obvious value sauna provides is relaxation, and the promise of rejuvenation. The perfect gentle heat and peaceful ambience provides an environment to melt away stress and return to a state of joyful calm. But the benefits of heat bathing don’t stop here. From heart health to mental health, workout recovery to social connection, and so much more, a sauna offers health, wellness, and overall wellbeing benefits you’ll want to be part of your home and lifestyle.

Luxury Home Spa & Wellness Retreat, includes Sauna & Steam Shower

Luxury Home Spa & Wellness Retreat, includes Sauna & Steam Shower
Photo Credit: A Geller Photo

As you design your home spa, start by considering the benefits you hope to enjoy – then you can determine which tools your in-home retreat needs. This Colorado home beautifully incorporates a spa trifecta – soaking tub, steam shower, and sauna – all perfectly positioned to enjoy each while also enjoying Colorado’s beauty.

"This room became my favorite place in the house, whether I wanted to warm up in the sauna after the cold day outside, or just relax and meditate to beautiful music. This sauna room is truly wonderful and in use all year round. The benefit of having a sauna in a house is inexplicable. I have recommended a Finnleo sauna to all my friends and everybody I know,” shared this sauna and luxury home spa owner.


Sauna, Soaking Tub, and Sitting Area Complete this Wellness Retreat Inside a CO Home
Photo Credits: A Geller Photo

Custom Sauna Room Design Details

Key Partner: Finnleo Dealer: Spa Brokers, Denver, CO

Noteworthy Sauna Specifications & Design Decisions:

  • Sauna Type: Permanently installed custom-cut sauna
  • Size: 90” deep by 110” wide
  • Wood Type: Canadian Hemlock
    Known for it's uniformity and light color, Canadian Hemlock turns this sauna into a beautiful visual attraction within this wellness room.
  • Exterior: Full glass front, partial glass knee/pony wall, all-glass door
    *Exterior glass designed, sourced, and installed by the home's master carpenter.
  • Lighting: In-backrest LED lighting
    Subtle, soft light peeks out behind the backrest to illuminate the sauna just enough to support visibility yet establish a mood for relaxation.
  • Heater: Laava heater
    Chosen for its ability to heat a large space, this floor standing heater is key to achieving their ultimate sauna enjoyment.
  • Seating: Three tiers of seating include: lower benches, a wide middle platform with headrest and backrests, and upper benches for the highest heat. Sauna alone or together, in soft or intense heat, seated or lying down, this seating arrangement allows for it all.

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