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Create Your Own Backyard Oasis with an Outdoor Sauna

Create Your Own Backyard Oasis with an Outdoor Sauna featured image

An outdoor sauna is the perfect addition for healthy backyard living and will transform your family life, social life and your overall personal wellness. An outdoor sauna will become a place to make year-round memories with your loved ones.

There is nothing quite like having your own backyard outdoor sauna. It will become the central point of your 2108_Sauna-Alex-Fridlyand_015.jpg-lower-res backyard. And with Finnleo’s customizing abilities, the design options are almost unlimited—innovative use of glass windows and doors, unusual angles and unique bench configurations will ensure you have the perfect sauna to fit your backyard sauna dreams.

An outdoor sauna ties in perfectly with outdoor entertaining. A sauna near a pool or lake, or even an outdoor shower, will provide new entertainment in the outdoors: a continuous cycle of enjoying the deep heat of the sauna followed by a cool plunge in the water; and then repeated as many times as you wish. You are guaranteed to hear a sauna filled with laughter!

Our Finnleo outdoor saunas have minimal maintenance which means you will have more time to enjoy your backyard oasis. So, whether you want to have fun with friends, spend time with your kids or increase yourSauna-in-Ancram,-NY-12.jpg-lowerres-1 personal wellness, there is a Finnleo outdoor sauna that is perfect for your backyard living dreams.

Explore our outdoor saunas for your own backyard escape!

Sauna project/photos throughout this blog:

  • Dealer: Joco International (Fishkill, NY)
  • Sauna type: Customized Euro Patio (sauna & attached changing room)



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