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The sauna is one of the best recovery methods

The sauna is one of the best recovery methods featured image

In cooperation with our sister company, TyloHelo (Sweden), a high-performing athlete recently installed an InfraSauna® combination room, which includes both traditional sauna and infrared. The 2-in-1 sauna room features the same black Taika sauna wall material as in our newest Designer Series sauna, the Centurion, and a traditional rock-style sauna heater (e.g. Finnleo Designer SL2 heater and control) and our patented low EMR infrared heating panels. Below is the blog post from TyloHelo Sweden that highlights Neziri’s sauna experience:

Finnish 100-meter hurdler Nooralotta Neziri, has reached the semifinals in the World Championships and the Olympics, as well as the finals in the European Indoor Championships. In cooperation with TylöHelo, she has recently built a unique combination of infrared and traditional sauna in her new apartment.

Why do you have a sauna in your home?
“I couldn't even think about living without a sauna! I use it every week. For me, it's about relaxing, but it’s also an effective way of recovering after training. Sauna bathing may be an ancient tradition, but still one of the best recovery methods.”

When do you go into the sauna?
“I always go to sauna in the evening. It's relaxing and helps me to sleep better. If I'm at home, I like to use the sauna the evening before a competition.”

What is important in the sauna?
“The atmosphere, that's why I love beautiful saunas. For a long time, I've wanted to have IR-panels. When planning the new sauna, it was very important for me to have the infrared possibility as well.”

What do you do in the sauna?
“The sauna is one of those places where I don't have to do anything. I'm very bad at relaxing, so it's nice to have a place where I can just exist. The only things you can do is to talk and throw some water on the sauna stones.”

How did you find out that sauna bathing is good for you?
“Already when I was a kid, I used sauna before competitions to make my body feel better. At that time, I wasn't reading any research, I just noticed the good feeling. Now as an elite athlete, I've read about sauna and its positive effects on the body. My coach has recommended the use of sauna as well. It sure kicks off metabolism!”

Do you prefer having a sauna by yourself or with someone?
“I could use the sauna by myself, but usually my fiancé keeps me company. We both have busy schedules, and this is an opportunity for us to spend time together. In the sauna, we pause for a moment and enjoy.”

You have installed the unique combination of traditional and IR sauna. Which of these saunas do you prefer?
“I really like both. Of course, the traditional sauna is always a sauna and if I would have to choose, I'd go for that one. But since I didn't have to choose this time, I wanted to have them both. I like the warmth and humidity of the traditional sauna, but also appreciate the health effects of the IR sauna.”

What were your thoughts about design and materials?
“I am amazed by the dark sauna walls and I really like the contrast between the black panels and the very light benches. The quality of the materials is high, I can already see the difference to my previous sauna. The design is beautiful. It's modern, yet it has the atmosphere of traditional sauna.”

Did it turn out the way you had expected?
“It is even better. Really! The sauna is quite small, and yet TylöHelo managed to create a very special one for us.”




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