Infrared and Traditional Sauna in One

As a result of hearing from our customers a desire for a larger InfraSauna model, Finnleo has expanded its Plug-n-Play InfraSauna offerings by adding a 5-person Hallmark InfraSauna IS565. This InfraSauna (IS) room is exclusive to Finnleo and is matched with the newly released SaunaLogic2® Control. It truly provides the “best of both worlds” by offering both Infrared and Traditional Sauna in one room, which will surely adapt to the needs of every sauna user in your home.

This innovative Finnleo InfraSauna provides pleasure beyond what a traditional or infrared sauna can do individually. At times, you might prefer to bask leisurely in the comfort of a traditional sauna. When time is tight or you’re in the mood for a milder heat therapy, the infrared option is an option.

This family size hybrid sauna (62" x 74" x 80") is large enough to seat up to 5 adults, or two adults lying down. The unit is self-contained requiring no special flooring or plumbing. The lighting and speakers for the Bluetooth audio system are built into the ceiling and require nothing more than plugging into the contactor box. It’s easy to assemble and enjoy in one day.

The IS565 comes with the Finnish-built Designer 6KW heater, which has a large rock capacity and requires very little maintenance. Paired with the brand new revolutionary SaunaLogic2® control, you can add the optional WiFi worldwide mobile app to control your sauna from anywhere in the world or from the comfort of your couch using Alexa, Google Home or Siri. This control allows you to switch between Traditional Sauna and Infrared Sauna at the touch of a button.

This 2-in-1 combination InfraSauna was designed around our existing patented Low EMR/EF infrared panel system to provide wall-to-wall coverage. At nearly 2,400 watts of Infrared energy, the heat-up time is quick and with the lowest EMR and EF rating in the industry, you know that you and your family are in a truly safe environment with maximum health benefits.

Because you never know how you’re going to feel at any given moment on any given day, this hybrid InfraSauna is an excellent investment in your family’s health – you will get the choice and benefits of infrared and traditional sauna, and the incredible usefulness and convenience of the SaunaLogic2 control and global app. To get this dreamy combination hybrid sauna in YOUR house, locate your nearest Finnleo dealer.