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Outdoor Sauna with Timeless Nordic Design

Outdoor Sauna with Timeless Nordic Design featured image

There’s nothing like being able to unwind and reset each evening in your own backyard sauna. Out here, time stands still. Nothing else matters while bathing in the deep heat of the sauna, ladling water onto the hot rocks, listening to the lush hiss of steam and enjoying the nature scenes out the window. It’s pure sauna. Pure bliss.

A New York family added an outdoor sauna to complement their healthy lifestyle. They chose our popular Euro Patio and added customizations throughout. To maximize their backyard beauty, windows were thoughtfully added on the entire front side of the sauna and a glass door.

   Sauna-in-Ancram,-NY-9-low-res   Sauna-in-Ancram,-NY-13-low-res

The sauna interior includes Nordic White Spruce (NWS) that provides functional elegance inspired by nature. The light-colored wood gives the sauna a contemporary Nordic look— with clean, simple lines, and functionality without sacrificing beauty. The Tongue and groove NWS on the sauna walls and ceiling is matched with benches and backrests made of clear Abachi. This wood combination ensures the sauna a fresh smell —the sauna emits a subtle, Scandinavian forest scent when heated.                                                                                                                   Sauna-in-Ancram,-NY-7-low-res      Sauna-in-Ancram,-NY-6-low-res

A changing room was added to connect to the sauna which is an advantage for changing clothes or simply taking a break from the heat for a water break. The sauna interior design was carried through into the changing room for a seamless connection. 


Right outside the sauna, a shower was added for the sauna bathers to enjoy a refreshing cool down. And then the sauna cycle repeats all over again because it feels that good. This backyard sauna is always inviting and always rewarding!


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