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Outdoor Sauna Enthusiasts on Lake Minnetonka

Outdoor Sauna Enthusiasts on Lake Minnetonka featured image

The owners of a beautiful home on Lake Minnetonka added a Finnleo Custom-Cut Outdoor Sauna to their backyard. The sauna brings their lake use to another level. They “sauna and swim” almost every day, allowing them an early start to swim season and continue to enjoy the lake up until the water freezes. Then the typical frigid Minnesota winter arrives, but that doesn’t stop their outdoor sauna use. Their sauna routine in the winter includes heating up in the sauna, then walking down to the lake in a robe and slippers and jumping in the water through the hole they cut in the ice. Needless to say, they are sauna enthusiasts and are thrilled to enjoy the sauna experience daily from their home year-round.


The homeowners had an unattached outdoor structure built for the sauna. To blend in with the home, they matched the exterior of the sauna structure to the home’s siding. The homeowners wanted to take advantage of their beautiful lake view, so they added large windows. After the structure build was complete (roof, walls, windows), they were ready for the sauna interior.

With their structure measurements, we custom-cut the benches, benchrests and the interior wood for the walls & ceiling to match their exact sizes. Once the pallet of pre-cut materials arrived to their home, their builder was able to easily install the sauna interior.

The homeowners had a specific design in mind for their sauna. They wanted an arrangement so their family and friends could all enjoy the sauna experience together. With the heater in the center of the wall, two tiers of benches were added on both sides to allow for plenty of room for a sauna social.

Luxury was added to their outdoor sauna with an accent stone wall behind the Laava heater, LED recessed backrest lighting with color light therapy and an attached changing room with matching sauna interior (wood walls, benches, backrest).

The attached changing room allows sauna bathers to change clothes and dry off before heading into the house. The modern SaunaLogic2 control is mounted in the changing room as well for easy access. Decorating the walls of the changing room are annual photos of their family’s tradition of the first official jump in the lake. Now with the backyard sauna, they can continue to enjoy their outdoor family fun for years to come!


Sauna details include:


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