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Sauna Video Tour: Finnleo Blackline Products

Sauna Video Tour: Finnleo Blackline Products featured image

We’re always excited to show you new developments in sauna technology and design. Today, we’re introducing the Finnleo Blackline sauna products. Join Keith Raisanen, President of Finnleo, as he takes you on a video tour of Finnelo’s new products including Blackline heaters, Rento accessories, plug-n-play, and infrared saunas.

What are the Finnleo Blackline Heaters?

In this first video, Keith introduces us to the new Black Line series heaters, which includes three models: Vena-T, Himalaya, and Laava. All three models feature Bio Water Technique (BWT) technology, an integrated water system to help create the perfect balance of heat and humidity within the sauna.

Vena-T Sauna Heater

The Vena-T is the latest addition to Finnleo’s wall heater series. This heater is preferred for saunas up to 425 cubic feet and pairs with the T1 Touch Control. The Vena-T can be mounted as a wall heater or used as a floor heater.

Himalaya Sauna Heater

The Himalaya sauna heater conceals the water container that humidifies the sauna while the heater warms up. This heater is perfect for saunas up to 500 cubic feet and pairs with either the Trend or Premium Control.

Laava Sauna Heater

Finnleo’s Laava heaters are the new industry standard for sauna heaters. This heater was designed to heat saunas from 390–950 cubic feet and was designed for both residential and commercial saunas.


Rento Sauna Accessories

The word “rento” means “relax” in Finnish. Our Rento series accessories will help you achieve a state of deeper relaxation while using your sauna. The line includes brushes, soaps, buckets, ladles, linens, and scents. All of our Rento products are made with quality craftsmanship and come in a variety of beautiful colors and scents.

 finnleo blackline sauna heater with rento bucket and ladle

The Easiest Sauna, the Finnleo Plug ‘N Play

The Finnleo Plug-N-Play rooms give ease of installation and attractive price point to heat bathing, which allows new sauna enthusiasts to enjoy a private sauna (traditional or infrared) whether they live in an apartment, condominium, or house.

New Sauna Designs for Far-Infrared and InfraSaunas

The Finnleo exclusive Custom Low EMR / EF Far-Infrared sauna and 2-in-1 Low EMR / EF InfraSauna is a new product that gives greater flexibility in design and continues to improve upon Finnleo's industry-leading safety.

Far-Infrared Saunas

Finnleo’s Far-Infrared saunas are a great option for those looking for a quick heating sauna. These saunas do not require any time preheating and provide a deep, dry heat that relaxes muscles and is the perfect punctuation for the end of a long day. Far-Infrared saunas are also great for those who enjoy working out and are looking to increase flexibility to avoid injuries.


The new innovative Finnleo InfraSauna provides many levels of comfort and unique sauna experience. For those who love both infrared and traditional sauna types, we really recommend trying and InfraSauna—it’s something special. InfraSauna allows for a personalized experience and the ultimate flexibility. You may relax for an extended period of time in the comfortable, familiar setting of a traditional sauna or enjoy a quick sauna session with the more mild heat provided by an infrared sauna. Find out more about this new innovation in sauna technology and more on our product pages.

The latest in sauna technology is all about personalization

We’re really pleased to share these innovations and exciting new designs with you! We’ve been in the sauna business for nearly 100 years, and whenever something new like the InfraSauna or the Blackline series comes along, we know that sauna enthusiasts are going to love it.

With each year, the industry is moving more and more towards personalization and unique experiences. We think this is great! One of the best aspects of the sauna use—aside from the associated health benefits—is sharing the experience with others. Share your personalized sauna experience with friends and loved ones (they will thank you).

For more information on any of the products discussed in this post call or visit a Finnleo dealer today! A sauna expert will be more than happy to share with you the exciting health benefits of sauna and the unique way Finnleo is capable of meeting your needs.



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