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The Himalaya electric sauna heater has several unique features: a rock tower design with 210 pounds of rocks and standard BioWater Technique technology (an integral water tank that emits soft steam...


The Designer-SL2 electric heater thoroughly heats saunas up to 425 cubic feet in size, and pairs with the SaunaLogic2(R) Control. This wall-mounted heater requires minimal space, yet holds up to...


The Laava is a floor standing heater designed for large commercial size sauna rooms. With a maximum amount of rocks of 132 lbs, the Laava heater creates a pleasant and relaxing sauna experience.


The Magma heater is designed for large commercial size sauna rooms requiring two or more floor heaters—from 21.0 kW to 28.8 kW. Match with the SL2-C control.


The Designer-B sauna heater deeply heats rooms between 100-425 cubic feet in size and uniquely offers in-room control of your sauna. This heater is ideal for installations where externally mounted...

Karhu 20 Home

The stylish lines and chrome front panel of the wood burning heater Kastor Karhu are suitable for all sauna interiors. Intelligent solutions produce maximum heating power with as little wood as...

Saga 22

Wood burning heater Kastor Saga provides wave after wave of the softest, most comfortable heat. Its forged steel bars are made to last for years of flawless performance. Kastor Saga has impressive...