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The Ultimate Backyard Wellness Retreat

The Ultimate Backyard Wellness Retreat featured image

The King’s are a busy, professional couple who live an active outdoor lifestyle, taking advantage of life in Bozeman, Montana. To complement their backyard wellness area, they added a Finnleo Euro Patio outdoor sauna.

"Over the past 30 years we have had more than a couple of saunas to try at my house.  They were all 110V plug-in sauna models like the IS44 for example, and we've enjoyed them all.  But two years ago we built our first Finnleo Custom Outdoor Sauna.  I don’t think I would ever have a house without one from here on out.  Having a sauna outside just seems more natural and fitting.  It has a nice view from a window strategically located so we can look at the Bridger Mountains without compromising our privacy," stated Kelly King. 

The King’s added beautiful and functional custom features to their Euro Patio to enhance their sauna experience. "The interior is beautiful and by itself is calming to me.  We selected the Himalaya heater with a stone wall behind which has up-lighting with a color LED strip and LED lighting behind the backrests.  The soft colored lighting makes a nice relaxing setting.  Another important feature is the location of the sauna, which is just 5 steps out of my bedroom door.  We created some privacy screens to make a comfortable setting for us and I also put in an outdoor shower to rinse off (all concealed by our privacy screens)," Kelly explains.


To pair with the Himalaya heater, the King's chose the SaunaLogic2 control which includes a mobile app. "Another reason we use this sauna more than ever before is the SaunaLogic2 Control.  Being able to just reach for my phone and turn the sauna on makes it so easy to use that I run out of excuses not to use it.  I could be watching TV in the evening a turn it on, or we could be out on the town and just thinking about having it ready for us when we get home.  Especially when we are out motorcycling or walking the dog in the park on a cold day," stated Kelly.

With a hot tub nearby that can be changed to cool temperatures, the family can enjoy hot sauna sessions followed by a cold-water plunge. There is also an outdoor shower installed in the boulder near the sauna for a cleansing rinse off.

There is no lack of details in this dreamy backyard! The privacy fences, landscaping, hardscaping, and lighting, all come together with the sauna for the ultimate backyard escape offering healthy living, entertainment, and relaxation all year-round. "Shirley and I have never used a sauna more than we have over the past two years.  Better sleep, less pain, more flexibility," Kelly comments.



  • Type: Euro Patio Outdoor Sauna
  • Wood Type Interior: Hemlock walls, ceiling, benches, platform & backrests. Heat treated Alder accents are used on the bench fronts and backrests.
  • Backrest design: Deco 3-Bar
  • Wood Type Exterior: Clear Western Red Cedar with Wood Stain (applied by owner)
  • Heater: Himalaya Rock Tower Heater with glass ring trim
  • Control: SaunaLogic2 Control with Mobile App
  • Lighting: Recessed backrest lighting with RGBW light therapy and low voltage up-lighting behind the heater
  • Door: All-Glass bronze tinted
  • Roof: Metal roof
  • Accents: Stone accent wall behind Heater
  • Sound: Speakers added to connect to the SaunaLogic2 Bluetooth sound system
  • Finnleo Dealer: Mountain Hot Tub (Bozeman, MT)
  • Photography: Allan Hathaway Photography
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