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Custom Sauna Inspiration Gallery

Start Planning Your Dream Sauna

With a Finnleo custom-cut sauna, the only limit is your imagination! A Finnleo custom sauna allows you to transform your open space into a health and wellness spa. Scroll through the galleries below, be inspired & tell your dealer which you like best to start making your sauna dream a reality.


Traditional Indoor Saunas


Luxury Home Spa: Sauna is the Focal Point of In-Home Spa

This luxury home spa includes a custom-cut sauna, 90" deep by 110" wide. This sauna became the focal point of the in-home spa with the use of a full glass front wall, creating the feeling of space and light. The sauna includes a Laava heater and in-backrest LED lighting. 


Luxury Home Spa: Sauna with Three Tiers of Seating

This home spa has features from the homeowner’s favorite Italian Spa, including sauna, adjacent steam bath and soaking tub. The sauna includes three tiers of seating: lower benches, a wide middle platform with headrest and backrests for lying down, and upper benches for the highest heat.


Luxury Home Spa: Sauna Provides Wellness & Relaxation

The homeowner's of this beautiful wellness room wanted a sauna that they could retreat to for relaxation. "This room became my favorite place in the house," states homeowner.


Luxury Home Spa: Sauna Glass Gives Panoramic View of the Outdoors

Glass can be used to open up a sauna to the outside. What better way to relax in the sauna than by looking out on a beautiful view? In this sauna, homeowners can lie down or lounge in the sauna while enjoying a panoramic view of the outdoors.


Luxury Home Spa: Canadian Hemlock Interior

Sauna interior is Canadian Hemlock with in-backrest LED lighting. Accessories include backrest and curved legrest. 

luxury home spa with sauna and soaking tub

Sauna in an In-Home Spa: Sauna, Shower & Soaking Tub

This stunning home spa was created as a healthy retreat for a busy professional couple who live an active, healthy lifestyle. The all-glass front and floating top bench give the sauna an open, European feel. 

sauna looking into bathroom

Sauna in an In-Home Spa: Sauna with All-Glass Front

The all-glass sauna front provides a stunning design feature for the overall home spa. 

sauna with window

Sauna in an In-Home Spa: Sauna Combined with a Swim is the Ultimate Experience

This home spa was designed to take advantage of the lake view. A sauna combined with a swim in the cool waters of the adjacent lake is the ultimate spa experience!

Sauna with Himalaya Rock Tower Heater

Sauna in an In-Home Spa: Himalaya Rock Tower Heater

Sauna interior includes Western Red Cedar, floating top bench, bottom bench, Himalaya rock tower heater, duck board on the floor and Rento sauna accessories.

home gym with sauna

Home Fitness Center with Sauna

An unfinished lower level was transformed into a well-designed space for family to enjoy time together and for entertaining friends. The premier feature of the finished space is an exercise room with a custom Finnleo sauna, providing the family an at-home gym & spa. The sauna has become a regular part of their workout routines.


Home Fitness Center with Sauna: Sauna Becomes Regular Part of Workout Routines

"We use our sauna several times a week. We live in a cold climate 8 months out of the year, so we enjoy using our sauna to warm up, as well as “cool down” after exercising," states homeowner.
Credits: Finnleo Dealer: FinnSisu  / Built by Ador Homes / Designed by Kari Campbell Interiors / Photographed by Spacecrafting Photography

workout area with sauna

At-Home Gym and Spa

A sauna can become an integral part of an in-home workout area. Shown here is the Himalaya rock tower heater with through-bench installation. 

Custom-cut sauna in master bath

Bathroom as a Spa

This beautiful Finnleo custom sauna is in the home of Osmo Vänskä, Music Director of the Minnesota Orchestra. Osmo’s sauna is a great addition to his beautiful master bath suite.

bathroom as a spa

Bathroom as a Spa: Sauna Replaced Unused Jetted Tub

The custom sauna from Finnleo was designed to fit in the footprint of a large jetted tub which was removed.

master bath

Bathroom as a Spa: Master Bath with Sauna

The sauna provides a luxurious warm glow to the entire master bath suite. “This is my best sauna ever! I think the Himalaya heater gives the best löyly ever--such a wonderful steam. It makes the experience for me better than anything else I’ve seen.” - Osmo Vänskä

custom-cut sauna with himalaya heater

Bathroom as a Spa: Glass, Stone & Himalaya Rock Tower Heater

Sauna features include: panoramic Solace all-glass front, indirect backrest lighting and black granite stone behind the Himalaya rock tower heater. 

Luxury Living Space

Luxury Living Space

The modern-day sauna is not only a place of relaxation and wellness therapy, but also a home design feature to be proud of. 

custom-cut sauna

Luxury Living Space: Light & Dark Wood Combination

Special combinations of light and dark wood are becoming popular in sauna interiors - challenging tradition and providing a feeling of luxury. Pictured here is Western Red Cedar with Modified Deco design and 6-bar curved Latte backrest.

modern day sauna

Luxury Living Space: Stone Wall Behind Heater

A wall of stone adds depth to a sauna. Behind the heater, stone can act as an imposing design feature. Dark materials like slate and brick add a more urban and contemporary feel to sauna interiors.


custom-cut sauna with Himalaya rock tower heater

Luxury Living Space: Himalaya Heater with Through-Bench Installation

Here is the Himalaya rock tower heater with through-bench installation. The Himalaya offers two sauna types from one heater with its BioWater Technique (BWT): Soft Sauna and Traditional Sauna. 

sauna with lighting

Luxury Living Space: Sauna Lighting Creates Soothing, Calming Space

Well placed lighting really completes a sauna and adds to the overall experience. Create a soothing, calming space with recessed LED lighting in the backrests. 

Himalaya heater

Family Home Sauna: Himalaya Heater in Center of Sauna with Wrap-Around Benches

This Nordic White Spruce sauna incorporates a Himalaya heater in the center of the sauna, with wrap-around benches--making enough seating area for the family, or for the kids and their friends. 

custom-cut sauna

Family Home Sauna: Sauna with Windows

Indirect lighting, spacious windows and the all-glass sauna door overlooking the shower area give the sauna a comforting, open feel. 

Workout area with Sauna

Family Home Sauna: In-Home Fitness Area with Sauna

The in-home fitness area leads into the sauna and shower area, providing the family convenience with post-workout recovery and relaxation. 

Sauna near shower area and changing room

Family Home Sauna: Sauna and Shower Area

The shower area is located right across from the sauna which has a natural flow. The sauna exterior is the same Nordic White Spruce as the sauna interior. 

Sauna underneath stairwell

Sauna Under a Stairway: Add Sauna to an Unused Space

A sauna can be incorporated into an unused closet or even under a stairway-- as shown here. A comfortable 2-3 person sauna tucks under a stairway. 

Sauna under a stairway

Sauna Under a Stairway: 2-3 Person Sauna

This 2-3 person sauna includes a full-platform middle bench, custom sloped ceiling and a Junior heater through the lower bench.

Unused jetted tub was removed and replaced with custom-cut sauna

Bathroom Renovation: Sauna Replaces Unused Jetted Tub in Master Bathroom

An active, professional couple incorporated a beautiful custom sauna into their master bathroom by using the footprint of their former jetted tub. The jetted tub never got used, so it was replaced with a sauna which now can be used daily for enjoyment and to fit their healthy lifestyle. 


Bathroom Renovation: Transform Your Bathroom with a Sauna

Add a sauna to your existing bathroom for a healthy relaxing spa to enjoy in the comfort of your home. Pictured here, the whirlpool tub in the master bathroom was replaced with a custom-cut sauna in that same space. No additional space was added.


Bathroom Renovation: Master Bath Becomes a Daily Spa

Pictured here is a permanently installed custom-cut sauna with clear Canadian Hemlock. Sauna lighting is recessed LED backrest lighting.


Home Spa Oasis: The Ultimate Retreat

This home spa oasis features a spacious custom sauna with the Himalaya rock tower heater. The all-glass front is a beautiful design feature to enjoy the sauna design looking in, and enjoy the spa view when looking out. The all-glass front is a seamless connection to the steam shower. 


Home Spa Oasis: Sauna, Hot Tub, Cold Water Plunge, Steam Shower

This home spa oasis features a steam shower, spacious sauna, hot tub and cold water plunge pool designed to be the ultimate retreat after a day on the slopes. ⁠

Traditional Outdoor Saunas

Euro Patio in backyard escape

Backyard Escape: Euro Patio Sauna

A couple in Bozeman, Montana who live an active outdoor lifestyle, added a Finnleo Euro Patio sauna to their backyard. One custom feature they added to their sauna included side windows to take advantage of their view of
the Rocky Mountains.


Backyard Escape: Wellness Area

Backyard living can be greatly enhanced with an outdoor sauna. This backyard wellness retreat includes a Euro Patio sauna and a hot tub nearby. 

Euro Patio interior

Backyard Escape: Euro Patio Interior

Custom features were added to this Euro Patio sauna including side windows, black stone accent wall, sound system, and the Himalaya rock tower heater with SaunaLogic2 control.

Euro Patio with Himalaya Heater

Gwen Jorgensen Enjoys Backyard Euro Patio Sauna: Health, Workout Recovery & Quality Family Time

As a working mom, professional athlete and wife to Patrick Lemieux, Gwen has a busy daily routine of prioritizing health and remaining in peak condition with a heavy training schedule. Part of her routine is sauna bathing. Gwen finds importance in taking saunas to keep healthy, stay mentally strong, boost her red blood cells and to support her high-altitude training.

Gwen relaxing in Euro Patio sauna.

Gwen Jorgensen Enjoys Backyard Euro Patio Sauna: Making Home Life More Enjoyable

This Euro Patio sauna includes: 
    -Sauna Model: Euro Patio Outdoor Sauna
    -Heater: Himalaya Rock Tower Heater
    -Control: SaunaLogic2 Control with Mobile App (control mounted inside the sauna)
    -Lighting: Backrest LED lighting including color light therapy
    -Windows: Side window to take advantage of the backyard view, and all-glass door
    -Photography Credit: Jordan Beckett Photo

Quality family time in sauna

Gwen Jorgensen Enjoys Backyard Euro Patio Sauna: Quality Family Time

"Since adding a sauna at home, I’ve realized what a blessing the sauna is for my family. At nighttime, my husband, son, and I enjoy device-free quality time in the sauna (at a lower temperature that my son can withstand). It is some of the most intimate moments with my family and I can’t imagine life without my sauna and family time," commented Gwen Jorgensen.

Gwen Jorgensen's backyard Euro Patio sauna

Gwen Jorgensen Enjoys Backyard Euro Patio: Unused Garden Bed Becomes a Sauna Retreat

Gwen's Euro Patio sauna was installed in an unused garden bed. The area gets no sunlight in their backyard so they haven’t been able to grow anything successfully in the spot and it looks out to a beautiful Sequoia tree. "The placement of being able to look out and see that massive tree makes me smile every time I’m inside," says Gwen.


Euro Patio Sauna Under Deck: Pool Swim Season Extended

This Euro Patio sauna is located near the family's backyard pool. Having an outdoor sauna extends your swimming season and gives you an early start to the next swim season.  Sauna and Swim is the ultimate backyard experience! Enjoying the deep, gentle heat of the sauna followed by a cold-water plunge, is a therapeutic and enjoyable experience for all ages. 

Euro Patio sauna used all year long.

Backyard Escape: Sauna Used All Year Long

The Euro Patio sauna is an ongoing invitation to enjoy your backyard all year round. With the SaunaLogic2 control and worldwide mobile app, you can operate your sauna from anywhere. Your sauna will be ready when you are!


Euro Patio Sauna on HGTV, Brother vs. Brother, in Drew Scott's Home

A Finnleo Euro Patio sauna was featured on Brother vs. Brother on HGTV Season 7, Episode 6 in Los Angeles, CA: The Great Outdoor Finale. Drew added an outdoor sauna to make a beautiful outdoor wellness area for the homeowners to enjoy. Drew was the winning brother in the Season 7 competition.

Photo courtesy of Property Brothers.

Euro Patio tucked underneath a deck

Euro Patio Sauna Under Deck: A Great Backyard Escape

Having a backyard sauna has never been easier! The Euro Patio sauna has great flexibility where it can be installed. Simple panel construction makes it easy to assemble anywhere you have space. The Euro Patio sauna is ideal installed under a deck, on a deck, or on other level patio-type surfaces. This Euro Patio is tucked under a raised deck.

Euro Patio outdoor sauna

Euro Patio Sauna Under Deck: Contemporary European Style

The Euro Patio sauna has a single sloped roof and is prebuilt with prefitted wall and ceiling panels all completely blind nailed. The integrated walls and gable system ensure you will enjoy a strong, durable sauna that will be perfectly at home outside for many years to come.

Euro Patio sauna in backyard

Euro Patio Sauna Under Deck: Quality Time Outside

An outdoor sauna is the ultimate home addition as it provides an ongoing invitation to enjoy the great outdoors. The Euro Patio sauna is a great addition to a backyard space for year-round enjoyment.


Euro Patio Sauna Painted Black

Kimmo Timonen, a Finnish former professional hockey player who played 16 seasons in the NHL, now has some of his Finnish roots in his own backyard here in the US: a Finnleo Euro Patio outdoor sauna.

Additional sauna details:
    -Sauna type: Finnleo Euro Patio outdoor sauna (6'x8')
    -Sauna exterior: Western Red Cedar painted black
    -Sauna control: SaunaLogic2 with worldwide mobile app functionality


Patio Outdoor Sauna Near Pool

This Finnleo Patio outdoor sauna enhances the pool in many ways: easy to enjoy the ultimate sauna-swim experience and extends the swimming season. The sauna fits in perfectly with the pool vibe with its grey shingle siding and cedar shingle roof. 

Finnleo Dealer: Ocean Spray Hot Tubs & Saunas (New York)


Patio Outdoor Sauna Near Pool

The Finnleo Patio is a compact, free standing sauna. Thanks to its size, portability and ease of installation, you can always find room for a Patio sauna — and what a perfect add-on for this backyard pool.

Finnleo Dealer: Ocean Spray Hot Tubs & Saunas (New York)

Custom Infrared Saunas

Custom infrared sauna in master bath

Master Bath Wellness Spa: All-Glass Front Wall

This master bath includes a Finnleo custom infrared sauna. The large window near the tub brings in natural light which can be enjoyed in the infrared sauna with its full glass front wall.

Master bath wellness spa with infrared sauna

Master Bath Wellness Spa: Infrared Sauna, Soaking Tub, Steam Shower

The beautifully designed master bathroom, includes a Finnleo custom infrared sauna, soaking tub and steam shower. 

infrared sauna in beautiful master bath

Master Bath Wellness Spa: Natural Sauna Wood Pairs Nicely with Bath Design

The infrared sauna pairs nicely with the marble, gold fixtures and crystal hardware found throughout the master bath design.

Custom InfraSaunas

custom infrasauna

The Best of Both Worlds: InfraSauna, 2-in-1 Combination Traditional Sauna and Far-Infrared

This InfraSauna provides the best of both worlds: the Designer-SL2 heater when traditional sauna is preferred, and CarbonFlex® Infrared Technology when an infrared sauna is of preference. The InfraSauna is operated with the SaunaLogic2 digital control with worldwide mobile app.

infrasauna for hot yoga

The Best of Both Worlds: Moveable Benches for Hot Yoga

This homeowner wanted an InfraSauna large enough to be able to do hot yoga during heat bathing. With moveable lower benches, hot yoga can be performed with plenty of space. 

InfraSauna with colored lights

The Best of Both Worlds: RGBW Light Control 

With the SaunaLogic2 digital control, the InfraSauna color lighting can be controlled with the built-in RGBW light control with dimmer. The light color can also be chosen from the SL2 mobile app. 

Commercial Saunas

Omni Hotel Vikings Lake indoor sauna

Omni Hotel Vikings Lake - Eagan, MN

This large 15' x 30' sauna located in the Viking Lakes Spa & Wellness area is perfect for guests to relax and unwind. The sauna has two-tone combination of Clear Canadian Hemlock benches with black Taika wall paneling. The sauna includes 3 Laava heaters.
Photo Credit: Corey Gaffer © Gaffer Photography


Omni Hotel Vikings Lake - Eagan, MN

The sauna includes three tiers of benches allowing guests to comfortably lie down or sit. Sauna lighting includes LED backrest lighting and ceiling lights.
Photo Credit: Corey Gaffer © Gaffer Photography


Omni Hotel Vikings Lake - Eagan, MN

The sauna includes two unique large windows that look out to a nice view of the spa area's outdoor pool. Guests can warm up in the sauna followed by a dip in the pool for the ultimate refreshing spa experience. 
Photo Credit: Corey Gaffer © Gaffer Photography


Omni Hotel Vikings Lake - Eagan, MN

Many of our commercial projects include commercial steam rooms with our Amerec steam brand. The Spa and Wellness Center includes a beautiful, custom tiled steam room with three tiers of benches. The steam room includes a commercial Amerec Steam Boiler to provide luxurious soft steam for a soothing Turkish-style steam bathing experience.
Photo Credit: Corey Gaffer © Gaffer Photography


Hewing Hotel Roof-Top Spa - Minneapolis, MN

Rooftop at Hewing Hotel includes a luxurious Finnleo custom sauna, as well as a spa pool and cocktail lounge. Guests can enjoy panoramic views of the Minneapolis skyline from the Rooftop oasis in the vibrant North Loop.
Photo Credit: Brandon Stengel – www.farmkidstudios.com


Hewing Hotel Roof-Top Spa - Minneapolis, MN

This 18' x 10.5' custom-cut sauna in Western Red Cedar includes three tiers of benches providing plenty of space for guests to relax lying down or sitting. 
Photo Credit: Brandon Stengel – www.farmkidstudios.com

Hewing Hotel

Hewing Hotel Roof-Top Spa - Minneapolis, MN

While enjoying a relaxing sauna session, guests can enjoy the city view from the two windows. 
Photo Credit: Brandon Stengel – www.farmkidstudios.com


Anda Spa, Hotel Ivy - Minneapolis, MN

The Anda Spa is a modern wellness retreat in the historic Hotel Ivy in downtown Minneapolis. The spa amenities provide guests well-being and balance.  The sauna aids in recovery, detox and flushing toxins. 
Design Team: ESG Architects
Photo Credit: Anthony Gilbert © Gaffer Photography


Anda Spa, Hotel Ivy - Minneapolis, MN 

Finnleo was proud to work with the Anda Spa to create a sauna that seamlessly integrates with the total spa experience. The sauna includes comfortable 2-level benches for sitting or lying down—with a window to the spa area. A key design element of the sauna is a large piece of black Cambria quartz with white “heatwave”— installed on the back wall above the heater.
Design Team: ESG Architects
Photo Credit: Anthony Gilbert © Gaffer Photography


Anda Spa, Hotel Ivy - Minneapolis, MN 

Outside the sauna area are heated lounge chairs and the spa pool. Each spa experience gives guests the ability to reconnect body, mind and spirit.
Design Team: ESG Architects
Photo Credit: Anthony Gilbert © Gaffer Photography


Anda Spa, Hotel Ivy - Minneapolis, MN 

The spa's steam room includes two tiers of benches allowing guests to lay down to relax and enjoy the soothing heat.
Design Team: ESG Architects
Photo Credit: Anthony Gilbert © Gaffer Photography

Dan Gable

National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum

The famous Waterloo National Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum includes a Finnleo custom-cut sauna for wrestlers to retreat to for workout recovery. Dan Gable is a true sauna enthusiast and often writes and talks about the positive benefits saunas have provided for his life as an athlete and his personal life.

custom-cut sauna

National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum 

The sauna includes valance LED lighting and backrest LED lighting which provides a nice warm glow for relaxation.

custom-cut sauna

National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum 

The sauna includes our Laava heater. With a maximum amount of rocks of 132 lbs, this heater creates a pleasant and relaxing sauna experience. 


National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum 

The sauna includes two tiers of benches to provide plenty of space for sitting or laying down. The cedar head rests are a nice accessory for additional comfort during sauna bathing.


Alila Marea Beach Resort - Encinitas, CA

Located on a coastal bluff in Southern California is Alila Marea Beach Resort. The incredible resort includes Spa Alila, which has separate men's and women's saunas. The saunas, along with other spa services, offer deluxe pampering and rejuvenation for its guests.

The sauna is constructed of clear, vertical grain Canadian Hemlock and includes a gently curved ceiling, curved “Sunburst-design” benches, soft lighting integrated into the backrest and bench fronts, as well as a Laava floor-heater with integral BWT water tank.

Find a Finnleo dealer located near you to start planning your dream sauna.

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