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A Floating Sauna with Unique Use of Materials & Beautiful Design

In an earlier post, we shared a transformation of a pontoon boat into a sauna boat. The project was designed for private use, and it has brought many of the owner’s family and friends together to enjoy sauna and swim in the lakes of Minnesota. In this post, we will share a floating sauna story with a different origin: crowdsourced funding and for semi-public use in Washington.

goCstudio - Floating Sauna - Cooling doors open to sauna 

Late summer 2014, goCstudio, the design studio behind the floating sauna, contacted us for design assistance in planning a wood-burning sauna that was to float in Lake Union, Washington. The contact came in the form of an announcement that a Kickstarter campaign had been created for what was projected to be about a $43,000 project, much of which was needed for designing the custom floating structure and the stunning sauna.


The sauna is approximately 6’x6’ with a 7’ ceiling, which doubles as a sunbathing deck. A Finnleo 16K Karhu wood-burning stove heats the sauna. The sauna interior, also from Finnleo, is classic Scandinavian—finished with Nordic White Spruce from Finland for the walls & ceiling, and the benches are made of Abachi wood.

goCstudio - Floating Sauna - Ladies in sauna


Though we are particularly pleased with the interior of the sauna, the project design makes this project a work of art. From the floating structure, which used re-purposed kegs to assist with floatation, to hinged sections of the sauna walls to allow for the sauna to be cooled quickly after use or to open the sauna as a sitting area when not heated, the attention to detail makes the sauna extremely functional while uniquely beautiful.


Congratulations to the teams involved in this project. Visit goCstudio to see beautiful, artistic images of the sauna and to see their other projects in the Seattle area.

To design your sauna, contact Finnleo or your local Finnleo dealer:

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