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RENTO Linen Back Washer, Terry

Rento's Linen Terry Back Washer is designed for convenient and gentle back scrubbing in the sauna. Rento is an original sauna brand, distinct and loved for it's authenticity to Finnish nature. Pause,...

RENTO Linen Wash Mitten, Terry

Uniquely fit for scrubbing sauna-softened skin is Rento's Linen Terry Wash Mitten. Use it on yourself or help your loved ones clean the hardest to reach areas on their backs'. Rento is an original...

RENTO Linen Sauna Hat, Terry

Protect your hair and scalp in the sauna heat with Rento's Linen Terry Sauna Hat. Rento is an original sauna brand, distinct and loved for it's authenticity to Finnish nature. Pause, cleanse, and...

15-Min Sand Timer, Wood

Comfortably track the length of your sauna bath with a beautiful wooden sand timer.

4-Peg Clothes Hanger

Create an organized drop zone at your sauna with a 4-peg clothes hanger. Keep towels, robes, and clothes within reach and off the floor - before, during, and after sauna use. Simple, clean wooden...

RENTO Sauna Whisk

Enjoy the traditional sauna experience with Rento's dried birch whisk. Use of a sauna whisk increases circulation and graces the skin with it's natural oils.

Paraffin Oil

Protect your sauna interior with Paraffin Oil. Apply to sauna benches and panels as needed to protect against moisture; this also makes it easier to keep wood clean. It works by penetrating into the...

Paraffin Oil Kit

For rooms ranging between 4x6 - 7x7.

Sauna Clean

Safely clean your sauna, with the help of Sauna Clean. Designed to be used on wood surfaces without damaging fibers, Sauna Clean can help keep your benches, walls, and duckboard looking like new. ...

Sauna Stones

Natural stones of black diabase that withstand heavy heating and rapid cooling. Ideal for sauna use.Size Options: 22 lb (10kg) box of small rocks37 lb (15kg) box of small rocks50 lb (23kg) box of med...