S-Series Infrared Saunas

Portable Infrared Saunas

Choose from seven sizes to find the perfect free-standing infrared sauna for your at-home wellness.
S-Series Infrared Saunas
S810 IR Sauna


Seating capacity: 1
36" W x 36" D x 76-1/2" H

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S820 Infrared Sauna


Seating capacity: 2
47-3/4" W x 40" D x 76-1/2" H
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S825 Portable IR Sauna Room


Seating capacity: 2
64-1/4" W x 42-1/2" D x 76-1/2" H
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S830 Infrared Sauna Room


Seating capacity: 3
71-3/8" W x 42-1/2" D x 76-1/2" H
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S840 Infrared Sauna


Seating capacity: 4
71-3/8" W x 56-5/8" D x 76-1/2" H
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S870 Infrared Sauna


Seating capacity: 3
51-7/8" W x 51-7/8" D x 76-1/2" H
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S880 Infrared Sauna Room


Seating capacity: 4
58-5/8" W x 58-5/8" D x 76-1/2" H
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Not Finding the Perfect IR Sauna?

Consider a custom sauna design; it's guaranteed to perfectly fit your home and style.
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S-Series Infrared Saunas

Free-Standing. Portable. Convenient.

The safest, best infrared sauna is also portable and ready to plug-in. Getting started with an in-home sauna has never been easier. Features of each S-Series sauna includes:

  • Sauna Control & Mobile App: InfraLogic2 (IL2) touchscreen control with mobile app gives you options for operating your sauna. The IL2 Control is mounted inside the sauna for easy operation and control of: power, RGBW lighting, Bluetooth sound system, time, and temperature.
  • Proprietary/Patented infrared heating technology: CarbonFlex emitters &  Pure Infra (low EMR/EF tech) to provide safe, even heat.
  • High quality & easy installation: prefabricated wall panels are finished inside and out with clear Canadian Hemlock. They mount onto an easy-fit base and topped with easy-fit ceiling panel; no tools required!
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S-Series: Freestanding Portable Saunas
S-Series Infrared Saunas
S-Series Sauna Owner: Scott McLaughlin, Champion Race Car Driver
S-Series Sauna Specifications

What to expect

Every S-Series infrared sauna features the following:

  • Pre-built Hemlock benches & built-in Hemlock floor
  • Deluxe Tempered Full-Glass Door
  • Wall-to-wall backrests
  • Full coverage, pre-installed wall emitters + in-seat, in-floor, and calf emitters
  • RGBW (color) LED lighting
  • Bluetooth sound system
  • Pre-wired (heating, lights, sound system, etc.) 
  • 120 Volts; ready to be plugged into a standard (15- or 20-amp) outlet
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