Custom Infrared Saunas & InfraSaunas

Your sauna, your way

Build new or convert an existing traditional sauna to get the perfect infrared or combination sauna for your home. 
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Custom Saunas

How it works

You're the designer! Tell us what you want in your permanently installed home sauna. Working with a Finnleo dealer, you'll come up with the sauna plan: measurements, layout, heater, wood species and more. 

From there, we'll create a CAD drawing of your sauna to ensure manufacturability, which you and your installation team (often provided by the dealer) will review and approve.

When you're ready, we handcraft your sauna according to plan; we precut the finest hand-selected wood for your walls and ceiling, we pre-build the benches and door, curate a custom infrared heating kit perfectly sized for your room, manufacture your chosen heater (for InfraSaunas); your dealer will receive a complete kit, ready for installation on your framed walls. 

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Your perfect Infrared Sauna / InfraSauna awaits

Custom Infrared Saunas

Custom infrared saunas

Design a new infrared sauna, or convert an existing built-in traditional sauna into an infrared sauna by removing the heater and replacing with infrared emitter panels.
See Sample Project

What's included:

Every custom infrared sauna kit will include the following:

  • SaunaLogic2-IS control with Wi-Fi
  • Pre-cut tongue-and-groove for the ceiling and walls
    Choose from: Nordic White Spruce, Hemlock, Cedar
  • Interior molding and trim
  • Door and door handle
  • Pre-built benches
  • Windows
  • Duckboard for entry area
  • Custom infrared heating panels kit
  • Foil vapor barrier, vent valve, vent grills, and hardware
  • RGBW (color) ceiling puck lights
  • Upper bench skirts (optional)
  • Bluetooth® audio soundbar (optional)
Custom InfraSaunas

Custom InfraSaunas

Design a new InfraSauna, complete with electric heater and infrared emitter panels, or simply convert an existing sauna by adding the missing pieces. 
See Sample Project

What's included:

Every custom InfraSauna kit includes everything listed in the infrared sauna kits, plus:

  • Traditional Finnish sauna heater + heater guard
  • Bucket & ladle
Get Started with a Dealer

Primary sauna design decisions

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Heat type

Infrared-only, or combination style with a traditional electric sauna heater? 
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Interior design

Choose a pre-set design or create your own with individual detail selections (walls/benches).
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Door style & size

Determine your door size, design, and glass tint from our menu of options. 
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Window details

Quantity, placement, orientation, and tint are details for you to decide for your sauna windows.

What sauna dreams are made of

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