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Testimonial : Sauna and Sports | Blog | Finnleo

Testimonial : Sauna and Sports | Blog | Finnleo featured image

When you hear of an athlete who has dominated his sport like Coach Dan Gable did both as a wrestler and as a coach, it is amazing to listen to the stories. From his days wrestling in college with a record of 117-1 and his Olympic gold medal (no points were scored against him in the Olympics) to his 15 NCAA Championships as a wrestling coach at the University of Iowa, Coach Gable focused on how to be the best, and in these interviews, Coach Gable credits sauna as a significant factor in his success.

The following video focuses on how Coach Gable used sauna personally and with his teams to improve athletic recovery after workouts, crediting sauna with allowing him to practice twice as hard as other wrestlers due to faster recovery.

In this longer video, Coach Gable and Keith talk about sauna as it relates to not only sports but also to life and success beyond the mat, including how Coach Gable continues to sauna twice a day to maintain great health, mentally & physically.

To learn more about Coach Dan Gable or to learn about the renovations at the museum, click here.

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