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Finnleo Sauna Testimonial by Osmo Vänskä

Finnleo Sauna Testimonial by Osmo Vänskä featured image

Date: November 3, 2016 

Customer: Osmo Vänskä, the Music Director of the Minnesota OrchestraRE: Finnleo has built us a sauna which is the best I have ever seen. 

As a Finn, the sauna is an absolute necessity for me. It is a place where your body and soul can find peace while it treats both your muscles and your mind.

Finnleo has built us a sauna which is the best I have ever seen. The room is incredibly beautiful. I think that the Himalaya heater gives the best löyly ever with such a wonderful steam—the löyly is hot but gentle at the same time.  Therefore, it makes the sauna experience for me better than any sauna I’ve ever owned or used. Thanks very much to the Finnleo team! 

For me, there is absolutely no better way to relax than to take a sauna after a long day of work, and it is such a great luxury to have one in my own home!
It's my best sauna ever! 

Osmo Vänskä


The custom sauna was designed to fit in the footprint of a large jetted tub which was removed.


Key sauna features include panoramic Solace all-glass front, recessed backrest lighting and black granite stone behind the Himalaya rock tower heater.


The indoor sauna in the master bathroom suite is a wonderful retreat for relaxation and health benefits.


interior sauna room

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