Custom Sauna Replaces Unused Jetted Tub

A Minnesota couple incorporated a beautiful custom sauna into their master bathroom by using the footprint of their former jetted tub. The jetted tub never got used, so it was replaced with a sauna which now can be used daily for enjoyment and to fit their healthy lifestyle. Read the couple's testimonial below.




^ AFTER: Sauna replaced the jetted tub.


  1. Give a brief overview of the sauna space.
    We removed the whirlpool tub in master bathroom and added a custom sauna in that same space. No additional space was added- the sauna fits well.
  2. What motivated you to remove the jetted tub & replace it with a sauna?
    We are not “bath people” and wanted to utilize the space for something more useful to us. Also a bonus is to have the sauna on our main level as we age.
  3. How did you come up with your sauna plan?
    We provided measurements of the space to Finnleo and their design team came up with the optimal plan.
  4. How do you use your sauna?
    We use our sauna nearly every evening primarily for relaxation. In some cases a morning sauna following a work out, or for an energizing start to the workday.
  5. What do you like the most about your sauna?
    We both grew up taking saunas but didn’t have the space for one until now. We have truly enjoyed having the sauna!
  6. For someone who is new to saunas, how would you explain to them why they should start taking saunas, or why they should add one to their home?
    There are many proven health benefits of saunas including relaxation, muscle recovery, stress reduction. After all, 6 million Finns can’t be wrong!
  7. Did your sauna turn out the way you had expected?
    Yes – we love it! One of our favorite parts is the Himalaya heater, which has the option to add humidity to the sauna as well as to use as dry heat.
  8. Would you recommend Finnleo?
    Absolutely- we would recommend Finnleo. Finnleo is a great family-oriented company with excellent service.

Sauna Details:

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