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Blackline with BioWater Technique

Experience Sauna Reinvented

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Simplicity is a Good Thing

We have trail-blazed the sauna industry for over 100 years. We now introduce the only multilayered sauna experience on the market. A new dimension in modern sauna solutions. And it is handmade in Finland, as usual.


A Sauna That Changes With You

The new BWT-ready sauna provides a multidimensional experience of pleasure and relaxation in true Finnleo fashion. A multitude of sauna experiences in one single and ingenious sauna solution.

sauna heater blackline

One Heater. Multiple Sensations.

Indulge in a multilayered sauna experience. Enjoy your favorite sauna alone or share different experiences with others. With a BWT-ready sauna heater it is all possible. The flexibility of BWT opens up a number of opportunities for pleasurable sauna experiences that you can all enjoy.

blackline bwt sauna heater

Two Sauna Types From One Heater

BWT makes it all possible.


Fill BWT water container and set temperature to:

140-175 º F

  • More humidity
  • Lower temperature
  • A gentle sauna experience
  • Bio-aroma available

Hot & Dry Sauna

Use BWT without water and set temperature to:

175-190 º F

  • High temperature
  • Lower humidity (adjust humidity by the amount of water sprinkled on the rocks)
  • Intense sauna sensation
  • A great, traditional Finnish sauna experience

We have a network of authorized dealers throughout North America.

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