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Infrared Fragrance Kit: Holder & 2 Oz. Eucalyptus Fragrance

Infuse scent into your infrared sauna session; add a few drops to the dish and it'll gently diffuse throughout your session and engage more of your senses for an enhanced experience.

Eucalyptus Fragrance

This Suprema Grade Eucalyptus essential oil creates an aromatic experience to engage your sense of smell, elevating your sauna experience. Add a few drops to your water before splashing on the rocks...

RENTO Fragrance, 10 mL

Scent Options: Wood Tar, Birch, Eucalyptus, Arctic Pine

RENTO Fragrance, 14 oz.

Scent Options: Eucalyptus, Midsummer, Citrus, Wood Tar, Arctic Berry

RENTO Room Spray

Scent Options: Arctic Pine, Birch

RENTO Sauna Honey

Scent Options: Artic Pine, Birch