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1 Gallon Wood Bucket, w/Plastic Liner

This classic sauna bucket is made of slow grown fir and lined with a plastic insert to prevent leakage. Holds up to 1-gallon and adds a traditional flair to your sauna. Pair with a ladle and you'll...

RENTO Aluminum Sauna Bucket, Straight Handle

Modern and modest, this Rento Aluminum Sauna Bucket features a straight handle and contemporary design. The bucket is color-anondised aluminum and the handle is heat-treated bamboo, perfect for sauna...

RENTO Aluminum Sauna Bucket, Carry Handle

Timeless and classic, this Rento Aluminum Sauna Bucket features a traditional wooden carry handle with a color-anodized aluminum pail, perfect for sauna use and convenient carrying. Just add a ladle,...

RENTO Pisara Sauna Bucket

The Pisara sauna bucket is made of bicomposite, a durable natural fiber which is well-suited for sauna heat and humidity. This bucket is uniquely drop-shaped; it's clean lines radiate Scandinavian...