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RENTO Body Wash

Scent Options: Artic Pine, Birch

RENTO Foot Scrub


RENTO Foot Bath

Sauna and a foot bath - great idea! Rento's Foot Bath is a cleansing, softening, and revitalizing treat for your feet. Peppermint oil and antibacterial eucalyptus oil combine for a bath that can do...

RENTO Bar Soap

Scent Options: Tar, Midsummer Birch, Arctic Pine

RENTO Bath Brush

Made of bamboo and a mildly abrasive brush, the Rento Bath Brush can be used to cleanse your skin and stimulate circulation. Pair with your favorite soap and revel in the sensation.Rento is an...

RENTO Body Brush

This low-profile, mildly abrasive round brush is easy to grab and use throughout your body. Perfect for dry brushing after sauna, before showering. Rento is an original sauna brand, distinct and...