Traditional Indoor Saunas | Free Standing


This modern, luxury sauna adds a unique appeal to the genuine Finnish sauna. Expansive glass adds a pleasant openness without sacrificing heat retention. Seat up to 5 (or lay up to 3); relax together or alone in the scents of cedar and rest comfortably against heat-treated Abachi. Recessed lighting with color light therapy amplifies the sauna ambience and benefits.

Seating capacity: 4-5
Heater: Designer-SL2
Lighting: In-backrest low voltage + color therapy system
Accessories: RENTO Pisara bucket & ladle

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Technical specifications

Dim Sauna Size
84" W x 72" D x 84" H 6' x 7'
Cedar interior wallsnAbachi and heat-treated Alder benches, backrests, bench skirt, and heater guardnOil-rubbed Cedar exterior with black melamine background