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NorthStar Indoor Sauna, 5' x 7'

The NSI-57, one of our most popular models, is amazingly roomy, yet only takes up 35 sq. ft. of floor space. With an L-shaped top bench, it comfortably seats four or five people and plenty of room for two to lie down.

The NSI-57 includes a Designer-SL2 6.0 kW heater with SaunaLogic2 control and mobile app. Simply assemble, wire to a single 240V source (no additional 120V or other circuits needed), and you’re ready to enjoy your home sauna.

Seating capacity: 4-5
Heater: Designer-SL2 6.0 kW
Lighting: In-backrest low voltage + color therapy system
Audio: Bluetooth sound system
Floor: Integral floor with waterproof surface
Accessories: RENTO Pisara bucket & ladle

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Technical specifications

NorthStar Indoor
Effect (kW) Voltage Dim Sauna Size
6.0 240 60" W x 84" D x 84" H 5'x 7'
Amps Material
25 Nordic White Spruce interior and exteriornAspen or Abachi benches and backrests