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NorthStar Indoor Sauna, 5' x 6'

The NSI-56, only 30 sq. ft. in size, feels surprisingly roomy. With an O.D. of 5’x6’, sauna bathers can comfortably lie down on the top bench or comfortably seat three, with room to sit on the lower bench for those wanting to sit in a lower-heat zone.

The sauna includes an attractive Designer-SL2 6.0 kW heater with SaunaLogic2 control and mobile app. Simply assemble, wire to a single 240V source (no additional 120V or other circuits needed), and you’re ready to enjoy your home sauna.

Seating capacity: 2
Heater: Designer-SL2 6.0 kW
Lighting: In-backrest low voltage + color therapy system
Audio: Bluetooth sound system
Floor: Integral floor with waterproof surface
Accessories: RENTO Pisara bucket & ladle

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Technical specifications

NorthStar Indoor
Effect (kW) Voltage Dim Sauna Size
6.0 240 60" W x 72" D x 84" H 5' x 6'
Amps Material
25 Nordic White Spruce interior and exteriornClear Aspen or Abachi benches and backrests