Sauna relaxation

Sauna & Relaxation. It is not surprising that the culture from which Finnleo’s brand DNA stems from is known to the world to be a relaxed, easy going country.

Although we can’t make claims pertaining to sauna use, it is interesting to note that Finland has the highest number of saunas per capita in the world, with an average of one sauna per household, and that the Finns use them on a daily basis. The inherent properties of a hot sauna releases a whole host of physical actions in your body. One of which is releasing Endorphins, a naturally present component in our bodies and that acts as a tranquilizer to aching joints and muscles as well as affecting your brain, giving you that ”feel good-feeling."


A sauna is also known for speeding up the process of flushing out toxins from you body. The heat dilates the blood vessels and increase blood circulation, which among other things speed up the body’s natural healing process.


Using sauna as a performance-booster.

It has always been suggested that sauna bathing is an activity that is both invigorating and healthy. The traditions and rituals of entering a warm space in order to rest both body and mind can be traced back to medieval times in the Nordic region. Independent studies performed in recent years by scientists’ worldwide corroborate the subjective sensation of scientific studies performed by researchers world-wide has found proof that sauna bathing is advantageous for improved physical and mental health. One example given is that a sauna bath as a source of free radicals per se is able to reduce oxidative stress induced by a 30-minutes of aerobic exercise in healthy men.
Top 10 Healthful Benefits of Sauna