Smart sauna technology

Finnleo is the market leader in both traditional and infrared saunas, both offering the latest technology in sauna.

Custom lighting, custom benching and a multitude of different woods and styles to choose from, to accommodate both different tastes as well as budgets. Finnleo is part of Saunatec / TyloHelo World Group, which has been in the sauna heater and sauna room manufacturing business since 1919. Today we run the largest and most advanced manufacturing plant in the world and run the most extensive research and development programs in the sauna business. This is why we can provide you with products that are both innovative and true to the ancient traditions of sauna and steam bathing.


Our technical advancement and efficient manufacturing is reflected in our products. Smart use of materials and energy conserving technology throughout provide the pleasures of steam and sauna, while being mindful of earth’s resources. Finnelo is the proof that luxury can be sensible, smart and frugal.


Sauna technology improving your life.

Finnleo’s innovative CarbonFlex Organic Carbon Heating Technology provides a soft, enjoyable far-infrared heat. The wall-to-wall heating system ensures a completely enveloping heat, without cold or hot spots. The inherent technology behind our heating technology provides greater heater coverage than any other IR sauna in the market. To make the sauna experience even more comfortable, our IR heating technology also includes in-floor heated ceramic tiles. The carbon technology, based on premium raw materials imported from Japan, our infrared saunas operate at gentler sauna temperatures. That improves safety, without compromising performance. The radiant heat of Finnleo infrared saunas penetrates deeply into the skin and produce more sweat than our competition. 


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