Sauna performance

Sauna performance - It is an undisputed fact that if you are well rested, feeling at ease, present & well, you will perform better in all aspects of life.

Regular sauna bathing will provide you with all the tools your body and mind need in order to be more productive and efficient at work, during your work-outs. Imagine going through life without feeling stressed and constantly behind.  Spending time in a sauna on a regular basis is simply good for you. Stepping into a Finnleo sauna puts you in a world different from the outside. Allowing yourself to spend time in the quiet and serene solitude of a sauna will reset your body and mind.


Being able to truly relax will make you a better performer in the long run, regardless of discipline. One of the medical facts backing this is that stress-related diseases, such as dreaded heart-diseases can be avoided with a little help from your sauna. Get more done, but stress less.


Don't let life hold you back.

Another important fact is convergent lines of evidence suggest that sensations of 'warmth' may alter neural circuits controlling cognitive function and mood, including serotonergic circuits. The thermosensitive population of serotonergic neurons plays an important role in stress-related neuropsychiatric disorders, including anxiety and affective disorders . Evidence also shows that such common ailments as headaches can be effectively treated without medication, through regular sessions in a sauna . There is even suggested evidence that common colds can be reduced by sauna bathing. Even though deeper studies are needed to ascertain such claims, in a recent study of colds in non-sauna users versus sauna users, the latter was to a significant degree less troubled by colds.


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