Feel good sauna

The feel good sauna - Whenever you are well-rested and relaxed, you feel better, more at ease & ready to tackle your day with gusto.

Research has shown that it is a lot easier to achieve that state of total relaxation and deep sleep after a soothing sauna. After that sauna induced rush of endorphins,the elevated body temperature will fall at bedtime along with a gentle decline in endorphine levels working in unison to provide you with a naturally induced drowsiness and ensuing deep sleep. So that you can wake up the next morning feeling really rested.


And it does not stop there. German studies have actually shown that regular sauna bathing significantly reduces colds and flus. Letting the body be engulfed in the heat of a sauna boosts white blood cells, which in turn fight illnesses and kill those annoying viruses that sometimes force you to involuntarily stay in bed.


Living a better life.

Modern living could be easier. Your work is more demanding, your home and life responsibilities has become more challenging than to any previous generation. Adding to that, you have been forced to become your very own stress management consultant. We at Finnleo pride ourselves in our ability to solve several of your challenges using sauna therapy. Owning and using one of our saunas means that you have instant access to the purifying comfort it provides, for body and soul alike. Enveloped in comfortable heat, you can enjoy a few moments alone or share a few precious moments with those closest to you. See each other genuinely. Let conversation flow freely. Or simply give yourself a chance to breathe, to slow down and reflect. And re-enter the world outside, feeling, relaxed, re-invigorated and feeling better.


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