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Saunas in Physical Therapy Routines | Blog | Finnleo

Saunas in Physical Therapy Routines | Blog | Finnleo featured image

Saunas offer a wealth of benefits for your general health and wellbeing. Along with the social bond of sharing a sauna to the mental clarity that saunas bring, there are plenty of all-natural physical benefits. With the increased studies that prove the benefits of saunas on health and wellness, it is no surprise that health professionals are adopting saunas into their practices. Whether a patient is recovering from an illness or injury, such as a sports injury or a car accident, or enduring chronic pain, saunas can be used as a safe, natural treatment and therapy method. Discover the ways that you can improve your overall health and wellness with the use of sauna therapy in your own home, private gym, or physical therapy office.

Tips for Saunas in your Physical Therapy Routines

  • Talk with your physician
  • Take into account any medications
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid caffeine and/or alcohol

When you start a physical therapy routine using your personal sauna, begin with a visit to your physician. Since you are treating a health condition or injury, you want to get an authoritative opinion before proceeding with treatment. In addition, if you are currently taking medications including certain over the counter drugs you want to clear these with your doctor for safety precautions.

Also, make sure you are drinking plenty of water before and after your sauna therapy. You can also drink water while sitting in your sauna if you feel comfortable doing so. The water is critical for helping your body stay hydrated throughout the intense sweating that you experience in a sauna session. Avoid drinking caffeine or alcohol while in the sauna as this will further dehydrate your body. In addition, you will hamper the cardiovascular effects that naturally take place when using the sauna.

Health Benefits of Saunas

When you visit the sauna for your health and wellness, your body will physically go through the act of increasing your heart and sweating as a result. As your body temperature elevates from the surrounding sauna environment, your body works to cool itself. This is where sweating comes into play, just as if you were doing cardiovascular exercise.

A byproduct of sweating is the natural detoxification process of your lymphoid system. The use of the sauna mimics the health benefits of exercise. This is beneficial for people who cannot exercise, i.e., they are recovering from surgery or have a chronic illness, who are unable to exercise otherwise.

Physical Therapy and Saunas

If you suffer from physical pain in your musculoskeletal system, you want to find a way to resolve this pain as soon as possible. One of the ways a sauna can help treat pain is with physical therapy. How can you use a sauna for physical therapy routines? 

For parts of the body that are experiencing muscle inflammation and swollen muscle tissue, saunas can help reduce this inflammation. Chronic inflammation has many negative long-term effects including potential development of several diseases. By using saunas, you can help your body feel better and take a proactive measure to reduce risks of several diseases. 

Studies show that repeated use of saunas also have a positive effect on chronic pain. Those who regularly use saunas showed improvements in reducing chronic pain.  Not only does sauna therapy help treat chronic pain, but it also treats joint pain and arthritis. If you suffer from stiffness or joint pain, sauna therapy can help assist in decreasing these symptoms and helping to feel more comfortable during your day-to-day routine. Using a sauna is a safe way to naturally treat pain and arthritis using drug-free therapy.

Prevention of Muscle Atrophy

For individuals suffering from the muscle tissue wasting condition called muscle atrophy, saunas have proven beneficial. There is a study from the University of Iowa’s Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department that shows heat therapy is a viable treatment. In this study, researchers found that the growth hormone involved in reducing muscle atrophy was naturally increased in the body by as much as 300 percent. This is following just one visit to the sauna.

Muscle Recovery

Another way to improve your physical health with sauna therapy is via muscle recovery. When you experience muscle soreness or have torn a muscle, you can use a sauna for all-natural muscle tissue recovery. In addition, as noted, you are able to benefit from natural pain relief through sauna therapy.

According to studies published on the topic, saunas work to bring in a fresh supply of oxygenated blood rich in nutrients. Sauna therapy also aids in hormone development as needed for muscle recovery. Along with helping your muscle tissue recover safely after an injury or illness, you are able to feel rejuvenated through sauna therapy.

Get Started With Saunas Today

As you explore the many health benefits of sauna therapy, let Finnleo be here to assist you. We offer a wealth of information about sauna therapy including how to design the best personal sauna for your space. Find a Finnleo dealer near you to begin the life-changing process of installing a traditional or infrared sauna in your home or personal gym.

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